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Educational Exclusion and Household Livelihoods in Urban Bangladesh: Exploring the Connections with Children's Work

Author/s: Naila Kabeer & Simeen MahmudNumber: 178(Price: Tk.80.00; US$10.00)

Morbidity and Health Seeking Behaviour in Rural Bangladesh: Variations Across Socio-economic Sub-groups

Author/s: Sharifa BegumNumber: 177(Price: Tk.60.00; US$8.00)

Flood Loss Potentials in Industry and Commercial Sectors and Developing Standard Loss Database for a Major River Flood in Bangladesh, December 2004

Author/s: K.M. Nabiul IslamNumber: 176(Price: Tk.70.00; US$10.00)

Prenatal Health and its Determinants in Rural Bangladesh

Author/s: Sharifa BegumNumber: 175(Price: Tk.40.00; US$6.00)

Abortion in Rural Bangladesh: Nature, Causes, Problems. and Practices, June 2003

Author/s: Sharifa BegumNumber: 174(Price: Tk.40.00; US$6.00)

Demand Projections for Poultry Feeds:Implications for Wheat and Maize Production in Bangladesh, September 2002

Author/s: K.M. Nabiul IslamNumber: 173(Price: Tk.40.00; US$6.00)

Diversification of Agriculture: A Comparative Study of Three Villages in Bangladesh, June 2002

Author/s: Md. Abul QuasemNumber: 172(Price: Tk.50.00; US$8.00)

Trade Diversion Due to European Agreement: Should Bangladesh Care? September 2001

Author/s: Nazneen AhmedNumber: 171(Price: Tk.60.00; US$10.00)

Migrant Workers From Bangladesh-Remittance Inflows and Utilization, August 2001

Author/s: K.A.S. Murshid, Kazi Iqbal & Meherun AhmedNumber: 170(Price: Tk.60.00; US$10.00)

Flood Loss Potentials and Construction of Standard Loss Data Sets- A Case Study of Residential Sector of Bangladesh, August 2001

Author/s: Nazneen AhmedNumber: 169(Price: Tk.60.00; US$10.00)

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