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Food Insecurity, Extreme Poverty, and Underemployment in Marginal/Backward Areas

Policymakers define backward areas for different administrative reasons, such as geographic allocation safety net benefits, etc. Generally, backward areas cover 3 distinct types: (i) haors, baors, beels, (ii) chars and coastal area, and (iii) hilly areas of the country. These areas are backward on...

Uploaded Date : 2019-02-18

Demand-driven Policy Studies- Responding to Policy Makers and Stakeholders Requests for Urgent Policy Analysis

While policy research is widely debated, there is no capacity for researchers to systematically generate research for policy makers that might be useful to them. It is no longer enough to conduct “policy-oriented” research but purposefully engage in “policy research” on the basis of a...

Uploaded Date : 2019-02-17

Impact of Natural Disaster on Education Outcomes: Evidence from Bangladesh

Youth refers to a time of life that is neither childhood nor adulthood, but rather somewhere in-between. It is transitional period between childhood and adulthood that starts from onset of puberty. The most significant characteristic is the transition from childhood and dependence, to adulthood and...

Uploaded Date : 2018-11-29

Bangladesh Integrated Food Policy Research Program

The Bangladesh Integrated Food Policy Research Program is one of the key components of the Modern Storage Facilities Project being implemented by the Ministry of Food with a World Bank investment. The project is designed to undertake three sets of activities: (1) enhance institutional capacity of...

Uploaded Date : 2017-07-12

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