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​Seminar on "The Security of Agency: Towards a Sociology of Poverty" by Professor Geoff Wood

Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies organized a seminar on “The Security of Agency: Towards a Sociology of Poverty”  presented by Professor Emeritus Geoff Wood from the University of Bath, held on Wednesday, 9 March, 2016 at 3.00 PM at the BIDS Conference Room. The eminent Social Anthropologist argued that, poverty in Bangladesh remains largely under-estimated, as the vulnerable groups who might slip into poverty anytime are not counted officially. Since poverty has several different dimensions, just an official figure to measure poverty (e.g: poverty line) might not be enough to justify the existing social phenomena of the poor. He also added, poor people are widely dependent upon other power-holders of the society. Through placing themselves into a dependent relationship with the power-holders, the poor feels secure. The session was chaired by the Director General of BIDS, Dr. KAS Murshid and was followed by an interactive QnA session with scholars and researchers present. Please click here for the presentation detail.

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