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public lecture series

Macroeconomic Management in a Post-Covid Uncertain Global Environment

Author: SADIQ AHMED BIDS Public Lecture: New Series No 06

বাংলায় মার্কস অধ ̈য়ন: শতবর্ষের পর্যালোচনা

Author: আনু মুহাম্মদ BIDS Public Lecture: New Series No 05

Looking at the past to see the future

Author: S. Nazrul IslamBIDS Public Lecture: New Series No 04

How have women contributed to Bangladesh's Development?

Author: Sajeda Amin BIDS Public Lecture: New Series No 03

Aspiration, Freedom, and Growth

Author: Mohiuddin Alamgir BIDS Public Lecture: New Series No 02

Understanding Economic Development: Some Exploratory Ideas

Author: Wahiduddin MahmudBIDS Public Lecture: New Series No 01

Growth, Inequality and Poverty in Our Times: A Personal Reflection, January 2010

Author: Azizur Rahman Khan(Price:  Tk. 100.00)

Public Action to Remedy Hunger, February 1992

Author: Amartya Sen(Price:  Tk. 20.00, US$ 5.00)

Daniel Thorner Memorial Lecture Series: Stagnation, Agrarian Structure and Credit 1990

Author: Ashok Mitra(Price Tk. 150.00)

Japan's Growing Role for Development Financing, March 1988

Author: Saburo Okita(Price:  Tk. 15.00, US$ 5.00)

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