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Dr. Kazi Ali Toufique

Research Director


Dr. Kazi Ali Toufique did his B.S.S. and M.S.S. in Economics in 1982 and 1983 from the University of Dhaka. He obtained his M.A. from Fordham University, New York, in 1987. He then obtained M.Phil. in 1990, and Ph.D. in 1996 from the University of Cambridge, UK. He joined BIDS in 1989 as Research Associate. He has conducted several research projects with the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, the Overseas Development Institute, London, DFID etc. He has worked as consultant to several organizations including DFID, WorldFish Center, FAO, UNDP. He has contributed to many seminars and conferences both at home and abroad and has also published in international journals such as World Development, Land Economics, Food Policy, South Asia, Economic and Political Weekly of India and the Indian Economic Journal. He has co-authored a book titled "Hands not Land: How Livelihoods are Changing in Rural Bangladesh". with Cate Turton.

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Area of Specialization

My main areas of research interest are natural resource management from an institutional perspective (with focus on fisheries), rural livelihoods, climate change, employment and agricultural economics. 


International Journals

1. "Managing Fisheries for Food Security: Implications from Demand Analysis", Marine Resource Economics, 33 (1), January, 2018, University of Chicago Press, (with Sami Farook and Ben Belton).

2. "Higher fish but lower micronutrient intakes: temporal changes in fish consumption from capture fisheries and aquaculture in Bangladesh", PLOS ONE, 12.4 (2017): e0175098, (with Jessica Bogard, Sami Farook, Geoffrey C. Marks, Jillian Waid, Ben Belton, Abdulla Mamun, and Shakuntala H. Thilsted).

3. "Greening the blue revolution of small-scale freshwater aquaculture in Mymensingh, Bangladesh", Aquaculture Research, John Wiley & Sons, DOI: 10.1111/are.12390, Volume 46, Issue 10, October 2015, Pages 2305–2572, (with Nesar Ahmed).

4. Assessing Risks from Climate Variability and Change for Disaster-Prone Zones in Bangladesh, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Elsevier, Volume 10, Part A,  pp. 236-249, December, 2014, (with Anisul Islam).

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11. "The IS LM Curves Re-revisited with the Aid of Geometry of International Trade - A Note", Indian Economic Journal, Indian Economic Association, Vol. 33, No. 3, Jan-Mar, 1986.

 Bangladesh Journals

1. Bangladesh Experience in Rural Development–the Success and Failure of the Various Models Used, Bangladesh Development Studies, Vol. 30, March-June, Nos. 1&2, 2017, pp. 97-117.

2. "Formal vs. Informal Seeds in Bangladesh: Adoption and Productivity Differences", The Bangladesh Development Studies, 39 (1-2), March-June, 2016, pp. 59-81 (with Kazi Iqbal).

3. "Some Thoughts on Hilsa Management And Exports", The Bangladesh Development Studies, 38 (2), 2015.

4. "Vulnerability of Livelihoods in the Coastal Districts of Bangladesh", The Bangladesh Development Studies, 36 (1), Pages 95-118, 2013 (with Mohammad Yunus).

5. "Mis-targeting and Mis-using Microcredit in Livestock Development Projects in Bangladesh: Some Issues, Concerns and Lessons", The Bangladesh Development Studies, Vol. 34, No. 3, 2011 (with Kazi Iqbal and Monzur Hossain).

6. "A Ten year retrospective study of Suicide cases reported at the Sir Salimullah Medical College Mortuary, Bangladesh", Bangladesh Medical Journal, 31 (3&4), July-October, 2002, pp. 36-40. (with Muhammad Nurul Islam and Md. Nasimul Islam).

7. "Pattern of Unnatural Death in a City Mortuary - A Ten Year Retrospective Study", Bangladesh Medical Journal, 31 (1&2), January-April, 2002, pp. 3-9. (with Muhammad Nurul Islam and Md. Nasimul Islam).

8. "Trends of Homicide in Southern Dhaka - A 10 Years Study", Journal of Bogra Medical College, 5 (2), January, 2002, pp. 46-54. (with Muhammad Nurul Islam, Md. Nasimul Islam, Md. Kamal Osman, Md. Mozaharul Islam, Md. Ataur Rahman, and Mustaque Rahim).

9. "Retrospective Study of 273 Deaths due to Poisoning at Sir Salimullah Medical College from 1988 to 1997", Journal of Dhaka Medical College, 10 (1), April, 2001, pp. 46-52. (with Muhammad Nurul Islam, Nasimul Islam, and Mustaque Rahim).

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13. "Sand or Oil in the Machine?: A Comment on Corruption and Entrepreneurship", The Bangladesh Development Studies, Vol. 23, Nos. 1 & 2, March-June, 1995 (with Mushtaq Khan).

14. "Share-cropping, Efficiency and Risk- A Note", The Bangladesh Development Studies, Vol. 16, No. 2, June, 1988.

15. "A Critical Evaluation of the New Theories of International Trade", Journal of Management, Business, and Economics, July, 1986.

Chapters in Books

 1. An independent evaluation of most significant changes case studies of the ANEP in Jahan KM, Orko AN, Upraity V, Ali H, Devkota CK, Pokhrel VC, Shailesh G and Masud MA. 2015. Aquaculture Without Borders: Most Significant Change Stories from the Agriculture and Nutrition Extension Project in Bangladesh and Nepal. Penang, Malaysia: WorldFish. Booklet: 2015-03.

 2. "Profit, environment and voice: shrimp culture in Bangladesh" in  Pradhan (ed.), Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law in Social, Economic and Political Development, Papers of the XIIIth International Congress of the Commission on Folk Law and Legal Pluralism, 7-10 April, 2002, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Volume II, pp. 101-122, 2003.

 3. Agricultural and non-agricultural livelihoods in rural Bangladesh: a relationship in flux in K. Toufique and C. Turton, Hands not Land: How Livelihoods are Changing in Rural Bangladesh, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, September, 2002.

 4. "Degrading Fisheries Resources", pp. 83-89. In Atiur Rahman, M. Ashraf Ali, Farooque Chowdhury (eds.) People's Report on Bangladesh Environment 2001, Unnayan Shamannay and The University Press Limited, Dhaka, 2001.

 5. "Property Rights and Power Structure in Inland Fisheries in Bangladesh", p 57-63. In H.A.J. Middendorp, P.M. Thompson and R.S. Pomeroy (eds.) Sustainable Inland Fisheries Management in Bangladesh. ICLARM Conference Proceedings 58, 280 p, Manila, 1999.

 6. "Rice and Fish: Environmental Dilemmas of Development in Bangladesh", Independent Review of Bangladesh Development (IRBD), University Press Limited (with M. Asaduzzaman), 1997.

 Research Reports

 1. Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in Bangladesh, IDS Research Report 45, Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK, September, 2001, pp. 1-132.

 2. Migration and Livelihoods : Case Studies in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Mali (with Arjan de Hann, Karen Brock, Grace Carswell, Ngolo Coulibaly, Haileyesus Seba), IDS Research Report 46, Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, April, 2000.

 3. "Issues on the Exploitation of Inland Open-Water Capture Fisheries in Bangladesh", ENBS/EC Research Paper No. 4/6-94, University of Bath, Bath, UK. 1994.


 1. Hands not Land: How Livelihoods are Changing in Rural Bangladesh, (with Cate Turton), Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, September, 2002.

 Other Publications

1. Book Review: Kaushik Basu, "Bringing the Art of Reasoning to the Driving Seat of Policymaking (An Economist in the real world: The art of policy making in India, The MIT Press), The Bangladesh Development Studies, 39 (1-2), March-June, 2016, pp. 117-127).
2. Analysis of Fish Consumption and Poverty in Bangladesh, BIDS-REF Study Series No. 15-01, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, 2015. Dhaka.

3. Labour market transitions of young women and men in Bangladesh, International Labour Office, Youth Employment  Programme, Employment Policy Department - Geneva: ILO, 2014, Work4Youth publication series.
4. Measurement of Livelihoods Vulnerability Index for the Coastal Districts of Bangladesh, BIDS-REF Study Series No. 13-02, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, Dhaka, April 2013  (with Mohammad Yunus)

5. "Community Empowerment by NGOs - Experience from the Fourth Fisheries Project in Bangladesh", Discussion Paper No. 135, Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan, December 2005.

Contact Details

PABX Extn. 880-2-9143441-8 (272)
Telephone: 880-2-8181683 (Office) 880-2-8960200(Residence)

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