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Exposure to violence faced by children and youth in Bangladesh

Violence is generally described as behavior intended to cause harm and exercise forceful control over household members, intimate partners, colleagues, individuals or groups. The over-arching question is whether economic and social transformation is resulting in heightened tensions and pressures at the domestic and societal level and is contributing to violence, and perhaps even altering the nature, form, and type of violence seen. Specifically, has rapid socio-economic change disrupted traditional social formations and familial norms leading to tensions and conflicts? Has economic growth aggravated violence? Have migration and urbanization been contributory factors? Have factors like technology, industrialization, education of girls, empowerment of women, NGO-led rural development, women in the labour market have had similar impacts? The proposed study is exploratory in nature given the paucity of knowledge in this area in Bangladesh. The objective is to assess the nature and type of exposure to violence experienced in a range of socio-economic settings, including urban slums and villages. It is expected that the study will also be able to generate a number ofhypotheses related to the underlying processes that shape violence.
Team Leader- Dr. KAS Murshid

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