BIDS IT Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies
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Premier multi-disciplinary autonomous public research organization

Inaugural Session: Bangladesh Journey: Continuing Conversation   Youtube_logo

Session 1: Can Bangladesh Continue to Grow without “Good Governance?”   Youtube_logo

Session 2A: Improving Quality of Education    Youtube_logo

Session 2B: Potential Growth and Its Role in Policymaking   Youtube_logo

Session 3A: The Labour Market: Major Issues and Challenges   Youtube_logo

Session 3B: Critical Issues in Child and Maternal Nutrition   Youtube_logo

Day 2: 

Session 1A: Financial Inclusion and the Banking Sector: Some Critical Issues    Youtube_logo

Session 1B: Sustainable Cities in Bangladesh: Issues and Strategies   Youtube_logo

Session 2A: Future Role of Mobile Financial Services    Youtube_logo

Session 2B: Climate Induced Migration in Bangladesh: Issues and Concerns   Youtube_logo

Session 3A: State of Women Entrepreneurship: What We Have Achieved?    Youtube_logo

Session 3B: Water, Water, Everywhere?   Youtube_logo

Session 4A: Energy Strategies    Youtube_logo

Session 4B: Challenges of the National Social Security Strategy   Youtube_logo

Closing Plenary: Towards the Industrial Revolution    Youtube_logo

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