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Date  Seminar Title Presenter
29 May 2019 
The Determinants of Households Disaster Preparedness Behavior  in Bangladesh
    Dr. Azreen Karim

21 March 2019 
M & E of Special Economic Zones and a comparative assessment
    Dr.  KAS Murshid

08 January 2019 
Tracer Study of Graduates of Universities in Bangladesh
Final Round Satisfaction Survey of Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project
 Shahidul Islam
Siban Shahana

29 November 2018
Impact assessment of South Asia WASH Results Program (SWARP)  Siban Shahana and M A Mannan
22 November 2018
 Assessing Current Situation of Solar Homes System Program of IDCOL      Dr. Monzur Hossain 

25 October 2018
Economic Activities of the Forcibly Displaced Rohingya Population: An Analysis of Business Enterprises in Southeastern Bangladesh   Paul Dorosh(IFPRI)
  Dr. Binayak Sen 
  Gracie Rosenbach(IFPRI)
23 October 2018
An Evaluation of BSCIC Industrial Estates Dr. Monzur Hossain
10 October 2018
Electrification in Rural Bangladesh: An Assessment of Socio-economic Impacts of Subsidized Tariff on Life-line Consumers Dr. Nazneen Ahmed
14 August 2018
Designing of a project on SDG implementation and monitoring Dr. Kazi Ali Toufique
Dr. Kazi Iqbal
9 August  2018
State of the Hand-loom Industry of Bangladesh Dr. Muhammad Abdul Latif
Mohammad Zobdul Hoque.
27 February 2018
Fuel Wood Consumption in four districts of Bangladesh
Savings and Income Distribution in Bangladesh: A Household     Level Analysis
Kazi Ali Toufique
Nahid Ferdous Pabon
22 February 2018
Impact of Natural Disaster on Education Outcomes: Evidence from Bangladesh Mainul Hoq  and  Kazi Iqbal
13 February 2018
Issues related to livestock returns in Bangladesh. Kazi Ali Toufique, Kazi Iqbal and Wahid Ferdous Ibon
24th January 2018
Workplace Injuries in Manufacturing and Service Sectors in Bangladesh
Mohammad Yunus, Nazneen Ahmed, Md. Iqbal Hossain and Kazi Ali Toufique.
29 November 2017
How Much Effective is Bangladesh in Capturing First Demographic Dividend Using Education as a Medium?
Shahidul Islam
7 November 2017
DVD-based Learning Program for University Entrance Exams: Experimental Evidence from Rural Bangladesh
Professor Hisaki Kono, University of Kyoto
 9 October 2017
Post Enumeration Check of Census of Undocumented Myanmar Nationals Staying in Bangladesh, 2015 Dr. Mohammad Yunus
 9 October 2017
An Assessment on Coverage of Basic Social Services in Bangladesh Dr. Mohammad Yunus
 24 September 2017 Burden of Disease on the Urban Poor: A Study of Morbidity   and Utilization of Healthcare among Slum Dwellers in Dhaka City Dr. M A Mannan
 11 September 2017 End line Survey of the 1st Phase of SWAPNO  Dr. Kazi Iqbal
 20 August, 2017
Negotiating Autonomy: Creative Usage of Smartphone among Teenagers in Dhaka  Golam Nabi Mozumder
 1 August 2017
Baseline Survey on Estimating Socioeconomic Benefits of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) Systems in Bangladesh  Dr. Monzur Hossain
 7 June 2017
Managing Fisheries for Food Security: Implications from Demand Analysis  Dr. Kazi Ali Toufique
 7 May 2017
Status of Handloom Sector of Bangladesh  Dr. Md. Abdul Latif
 10 April 2017
Construction of Small Bridges/Culverts on the Rural Roads  Dr. M. A. Mannan

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