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Policy Briefs: 2014

  • Managing Rice Value Chain for Improved Food Security in Bangladesh  pdf
  • Productivity and Efficiency of Rice Mills in Bangladesh: Economic, Social and Food Security Implications pdf
  • Management of Public Stock for Improved Effectiveness of PFDS in Bangladesh pdf
  • Growth of Rural Non-Farm Activities in Bangladesh: Implications for Household Income and Employment pdf
  • Farmers’ Supply Response to Prices and Non-Price Factors in Bangladesh pdf
  • Trade Policy and the Pattern of Trade in Bangladesh pdf
  • Barriers to Developing the Fisheries Sector in Bangladesh pdf
  • Barriers to the Development of Livestock Sector in Bangladesh  pdf

Policy Briefs: 2009

  • Implications for Human Development - Impacts of Food Price Volatility on Nutrition and Schooling pdf
  • Price Support, Domestic Procurement Programme and Public Stock Management pdf
  • Rice Technologies: Strategic Choices and Policy Options pdf
  • Input Prices, Subsidies and Farmers' Incentives pdf
  • Rethinking Food Security Strategy: Self-sufficiency or Self-reliance  pdf

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