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There are some Special Publications on poverty alleviation, microcredit and other contemporary issues.

List of Special Publications

(* Out of stock but available in our library for reading and photocopy.)




Author/s: Nurul Islam

Price: Price: Tk 150.00




Title: Development Experience And Emerging Challenges Bangladesh

Author/s: Quazi Shahabuddin, Rushidan Islam Rahman

Price: Tk 600.00



Title: A Ship Adrift: Governance and Development in Bangladesh,2008

Author/s: Nurul Islam & M Asaduzzaman

Price: Tk. 450; US$ 70.0



Title: Economic Reform and Trade Performance in South Asia

Author/s: Edited by Omar Haider Chowdhury and Willem van der Geest

Price:  Tk.550.00



Title: Performance of the Bangladesh Economy: Selected Issues, August 2003

Author/s: Edited by Rushidan Islam Rahman

Price: Tk.200.00; US$20.00



Title: Hands not Land: How Livelihoods are Changing in Rural Bangladesh, September 2002

Author/s: Edited by Kazi Ali Toufique and Cate Turton

Price: Tk.200.00; US$15.00



Title: Daridra O Unnayan : Prekshmapat Bangladesh (in Bangla), October 1997 (Poverty and Development : Bangladesh Context)

Author/s: Edited by Rushidan Islam Rahman

Price: Tk.110.00; US$20.00



Title: Growth of Garments Industry in Bangladesh: Economic and Social Dimensions, July 2001

Author/s: Edited by Pratima Paul-Majumder and Binayak Sen

Price: Tk.300.00; US$20.00



Title: Fighting Human Poverty, Bangladesh Human Development Report 2000, January 2001. 





Title: Bangladesh Economy 2000: Selected Issues, January 2001.

Author/s: Edited by Abu Abdullah

Price: Tk.125.00: US$10.00



Title: Credit Programs for the Poor: Household and Intra Household Impacts and Program Sustainability. Vol.-II (eds.)

Author/s: M.A. Latif et al.

Price: Tk.500; US$40.00 (Commission available)



Title: * Structural Adjustment Policies in the Third World: Design and Experience

Author/s: Edited by Rehman Sobhan

Price: Tk.320.00




Title: *Modernisation at Bay : Structure and Change in Bangladesh

Author/s: Edited by Abu Abdullah

Price: Tk.225.00



Title: * Debt Default to the Development Finance Institutions: The Crisis of State Sponsored Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh

Author/s: Edited by Rehman Sobhan

Price: Tk.490.00



Title: IFPRI-BIDS Research Report No. 67: Nature and Impact of the Green Revolution in Bangladesh, July 1988

Author/s: Mahabub Hossain

Price: Tk.150.00



Title: IFPRI-BIDS Research Report No. 65:Credit for Alleviation of Rural Poverty: The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, February 1988

Author/s: Mahabub Hossain

Price: Tk.100.00



Title: BIDS Public Lecture Series 1988: Public Action to Remedy Hunger, February 1992

Author/s: Amartya Sen

Price: Tk.20.00; US$5.00



Title: BIDS Public Lecture Series: Japan’s Growing Role for Development Financing, March 1988

Author/s: Saburo Okita

Price: Tk.20.00; US$5.00



Title: Daniel Thorner Memorial Lecture Series: Stagnation, Agrarian Structure and Credit

Author/s: Ashok Mitra

Price: Tk. 150.00



Title: From Aid Dependence to self-reliance: Development Options for Bangladesh ,1990

Author/s: Editor: Rehman Sobhan

Price: Tk.450.00



Title: *Strategies for Alleviating Poverty in Rural Asia, 1985

Author/s: Edited by Rizwanul Islam




Title: Whose Water?—An Investigation of the Consequence of Alternative Approaches of Small Scale Irrigation in Bangladesh, 1984

Author/s: Michael Howes

Price: Tk.50.00; Foreign US$10.00 or UK£5.50



Title: Bangladeshe Bhumi Sanskarer Rajnaitik Aurthonity

Author/s: Kamal Siddiqui




Title: Female Status in Bangladesh

Author/s: Rafiqul Huda Chowdhury and Nilufar Raihan Ahmed




Title: Public Enterprise in an Intermediate Regime: A Study in the Political Economy of Bangladesh

Author/s: Prof. Rehman Sobhan and Prof. Muzaffer Ahmed




Title: Bangladesh: A Case of Below Poverty Level Equilibrium Trap

Author/s: Mohiuddin Alamgir

Price: Tk.25.00; Students Tk.15.00; Foreign US$10.00



Title: Development Through Self-help: Lessons from Ulashi—Proceedings of Two National Seminars

Author/s: Edited by Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad and Monowar Hossain

Price: Tk.12.00; Foreign US$4.00



Title: Bangladesh and UNCTAD-V , 1982

Author/s: Editor: K.M. Matin

Price: Tk.30.00; Foreign US$15.00



Title: The New International Economic Order & UNCTAD-IV Proceedings of the Bangladesh National Seminar , May 1977

Author/s: Edited by Mohiuddin Alamgir and Sultan Hafeez Rahman

Price: Tk. 20.00; Foreign US$7.50



Title: Famine 1974 : Political Economy of Mass Starvation in Bangladesh: A Statistical Annex Part I & II (mimeo.)

Author/s: Mohiuddin Alamgir et al.

Price: Tk. 25.00 or US $ 10.00 or UK £ 6.00 each


Title: Development Experience And Emerging Challenges Bangladesh

Author/s: Quazi Shahabuddin, Rushidan Islam Rahman

Price: Tk 600.00

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