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Research Reports are mimeographed papers which are often part of, or leading to, a larger study. As such, they are visible evidence of the fruits of completed and ongoing researches at BIDS. To see Guidelines for Authors, please click here. 


List of Research Reports

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Issue: Research Report No. 187


Number: 187

(Price: Tk.60.00; US$5.00)

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Author/s: K M Nabiul Islam 

Number:  186

(Price: Tk.80.00; US$10.00)

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Issue: Integration of Population and Gender Concerns Into the National and Sectoral Policies and Programmes: Current Status and Constraints 

Author/s: Sharifa Begum, Osman Ali & Harunur Rashid Bhuyan

Number: 184

(Price: Tk.80.00; US$5.00)

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Issue: The Cedaw Implementation in Bangladesh: Legal Perspectives And Constraints, September, 2011

Author/s: Sharifa Begum, Advocate Salma Ali, Md. Osman Ali & Md. Harunur Rashid Bhuyan

Number:  183

(Price: Tk.70.00; US$6.00)

Issue: The Old Age Allowance Programme for the Poor Elderly in Bangladesh, May, 2008

Author/s: Pratima Paul-Majumder & Sharifa Begum

Number: 182

(Price: Tk.100.00; US$15.00)

Issue: Role of Dhaka Export Processing Zone: Employment and Empowerment, January 2008

Author/s: Salma Chaudhuri Zohir

Number: 181

(Price: Tk.80.00; US$10.00)

Issue: Children in Economic Activity in Bangladesh: Recent Changes and Determinants

Author/s: Rushidan Islam Rahman

Number: 180

(Price: Tk.80.00; US$10.00)

Issue: Labor Force Participation and Wage Earnings Equation of Immigrants in Canada

Author/s: Asadul Islam

Number: 179

(Price: Tk.60.00; US$8.00)

Issue: Educational Exclusion and Household Livelihoods in Urban Bangladesh: Exploring the Connections with Children's Work

Author/s: Naila Kabeer & Simeen Mahmud

Number: 178

(Price: Tk.80.00; US$10.00)

Issue: Morbidity and Health Seeking Behaviour in Rural Bangladesh: Variations Across Socio-economic Sub-groups

Author/s: Sharifa Begum

Number: 177

(Price: Tk.60.00; US$8.00)

Issue: Flood Loss Potentials in Industry and Commercial Sectors and Developing Standard Loss Database for a Major River Flood in Bangladesh, December 2004

Author/s: K.M. Nabiul Islam

Number: 176

(Price: Tk.70.00; US$10.00)

Issue: Prenatal Health and its Determinants in Rural Bangladesh

Author/s: Sharifa Begum

Number: 175

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$6.00)

Issue: Abortion in Rural Bangladesh: Nature, Causes, Problems. and Practices, June 2003

Author/s: Sharifa Begum

Number: 174

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$6.00)

Issue: Demand Projections for Poultry Feeds:Implications for Wheat and Maize Production in Bangladesh, September 2002

Author/s: K.M. Nabiul Islam

Number: 173

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$6.00)

Issue: Diversification of Agriculture: A Comparative Study of Three Villages in Bangladesh, June 2002

Author/s: Md. Abul Quasem

Number: 172

(Price: Tk.50.00; US$8.00)

Issue: Trade Diversion Due to European Agreement: Should Bangladesh Care? September 2001

Author/s: Nazneen Ahmed

Number: 171

(Price: Tk.60.00; US$10.00)

Issue: Migrant Workers From Bangladesh-Remittance Inflows and Utilization, August 2001

Author/s: K.A.S. Murshid, Kazi Iqbal & Meherun Ahmed

Number: 170

(Price: Tk.60.00; US$10.00)

Issue: Flood Loss Potentials and Construction of Standard Loss Data Sets- A Case Study of Residential Sector of Bangladesh, August 2001

Author/s: Nazneen Ahmed

Number: 169

(Price: Tk.60.00; US$10.00)

Issue: Women’s Empowerment and Reproductive Change in Rural Bangladesh, March 2001

Author/s: Simeen Mahmud, Abdur Razzaque & Lutfun Nahar

Number: 168

(Price: Tk.60.00; US$8.00)

Issue: Not Quite, Not Enough: Financial Allocation and the Distribution of Resources in the Health Sector, June 2000

Author/s: Sharifa Begum & Binayak Sen

Number: 167

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$8.00)

Issue: State-intervention in the Secondary Education Sub-sector of a Developing Country: Impact of Secondary Science Education Sector Project (SSEP) of Bangladesh, 1985-1991, June 2000

Author/s: Mahmudul Alam

Number: 166

(Price: Tk.50.00; US$8.00)

Issue: Public Water Supply in Rural Areas: An Evaluation of DPHE’s Performance in Installation of GOB Funded Tubewells, October 1999

Author/s: Rita Afsar

Number: 165

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: The Employee Concerns and Related Issues Involved in the Proposed Transfer of the Transmission Network of the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) to the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Limited (PGCB), October, 1999

Author/s: A.H. Mondal & Rita Afsar

Number: 164

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Costing and Financing Water Supply and Sanitation in Bangladesh: Towards Achieving Decade Goal, May, 1999

Author/s: R.A. Mahmood & A.B.M. Shamsul Islam

Number: 163

(Price: Tk. 30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Trade Policy and Horticultural Exports in Bangladesh, July, 1999

Author/s: Dilip Kumar Roy

Number: 162

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Human Resources of Selected OIC Countries (Forthcoming)

Author/s: S.I. Laskar

Number: 161

Issue: Bangladesh Inflation— A Survey and a Methodology forFurther Study, October, 1998

Author/s: Chowdhury Anwaruzzaman

Number: 160

(Price: Tk.15.00; US$2.00)

Issue: Municipal Finance in Non-Metropolitan Towns: An Agenda for Policy Action, October, 1998

Author/s: M. Asaduzzaman

Number: 159

(Price: Tk.60.00; US$10.00)

Issue: A Study of the Informal Sector in Bangladesh, October, 1998

Author/s: Md. Abul Quasem, Abdul Hye Mondal and Simeen Mahmud

Number: 158

(Price: Tk.60.00; US$10.00)

Issue: Depreciation of Forest Resources in Bangladesh, May, 1998

Author/s: Fahmida Akhter Khatun

Number: 157

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Trends in Financing Social Sector Development in Bangladesh, March, 1998

Author/s: Chowdhury Anwaruzzaman

Number: 156*

(Price: Tk.50.00; US$8.00)

Issue: Potential Indirect Impacts of Flooding on Health- Evidence from Macro-Level Data on the Incidence of Diseases in Bangladesh, December, 1997

Author/s: K.M. Nabiul Islam

Number: 155

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Land Ownership, Education and Reproductive Behaviour in Bangladesh- Conceptual Issues and Evidence, November, 1997

Author/s: Mohammad Sohail

Number: 154

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Upward Occupational Mobility Among Female Workers in the Garment Industry of Bangladesh, October, 1997

Author/s: Pratima Paul-Majumder and Sharifa Begum

Number: 153

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: The Role of Perception, Warning and Human Factors in Flood Losses: A Case Study of Bangladesh Households, March, 1997

Author/s: K.M. Nabiul Islam

Number: 152

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Export-Growth Link in LDCs – A Case Study of Bangladesh, March, 1997

Author/s: Narayan Chandra Nath

Number: 151

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: The Socio-Economic Condition of Pavement Dwellers of Dhaka City,January, 1997 (Reprint)

Author/s: Anwara Begum

Number: 150

(Price: Tk.80.00; US$10.00)

Issue: Income Diversification in Rural Bangladesh, October, 1996

Author/s: M.A. Quasem

Number: 149

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Balance of Payment Constraint on Growth and External Competitiveness of Bangladesh Economy, September 1996

Author/s: Narayan Chandra Nath

Number: 148

(Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)

Issue: State and Determinants of Poverty- An Empirical Analysis at Household Level, July 1996

Author/s: Narayan Chandra Nath

Number: 147

(Price: Tk.50.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Linkages and Flood Impacts at Macro Level— A Case Study of Bangladesh, August 1996

Author/s: K.M. Nabiul Islam

Number: 146

(Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Basic Educational Achievement in Rural Bangladesh: Level, Pattern and Socio-Economic Determinants , November 1997

Author/s: Mahmudul Alam

Number: 145

(Price: Tk.25.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Socio-economic Impact of Manual Irrigation Pump (MIP) Agriculture in Bangladesh, October 1997

Author/s: Mahmudul Alam

Number: 144

(Price: Tk.50.00; US$8.00)

Issue: Impact of Credit for Rural Poor : An Evaluation of Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation’s Credit Programme, April 1996

Author/s: Rushidan Islam Rahman

Number: 143

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: An Assessment of Industrial Policy in Bangladesh: What Policies are We Talking About? February 1996

Author/s: Salma Chaudhuri Zohir

Number: 142

(Price: Tk.50.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Maternal Factors Affecting Child Care, April 1999

Author/s: PratimaPaul-Majumder

Number: 141

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: The Social Impact of DTWs on Landless Owners, May 1995

Author/s: K.A.S. Murshid

Number: 140

(Price: Tk.25.00; US$5.00)

Issue: GO-NGO Collaboration in Human Development Initiatives in Bangladesh, June 1995

Author/s: Debapriya Bhattacharya

Number: 139

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: The GATT System : Role, Principles and Issues, July 1995

Author/s: Debapriya Bhattacharya

Number: 138

(Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Service Activities in Bangladesh Economic Development: Theory and Evidence, 1994

Author/s: Dilip Kumar Roy

Number: 137

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Rural Poverty and Public Policy in Bangladesh: A Review of Some Issues, 1994

Author/s: Dilip Kumar Roy

Number: 136*

Issue: Changes in the Quality of Employment: Some Evidence from Macro Data, 1994

Author/s: Salma Chaudhuri Zohir

Number: 135

(Price: Tk.25.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Maintenance of Rural Infrastructure at the Local Level: Experiences with the Defunct Upazila System in Bangladesh, October 1993

Author/s: Abdul Hye Mondal and M. Asaduzzaman

Number: 134

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Trade Unionism, Wages and Labour Productivity in the Manufacturing Sector of Bangladesh, October 1992

Author/s: Abdul Hye Mondal

Number: 133*

Issue: Marriage, Employment and Marital Adjustment- A Case Study of Educated Urban Women, August 1993

Author/s: Mahmudul Alam and M. Abdur Rab

Number: 132

(Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Basic Education and Life-Skills at Non-formal Primary Level in Bangladesh, December 1991

Author/s: Mahmudul Alam and M. Abdur Rab

Number: 131

(Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Role of Policies, Regulations and Institutions in self-employment Promotion in Bangladesh, August 1991

Author/s: Debapriya Bhattacharya

Number: 130

(Price: Tk.28.00; US$5.00)

Issue: The Economic Performance of Denationalised Industries in Bangladesh: The Case of the Jute and Cotton Textile Industries, June 199

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan & Syed Akhter Mahmood

Number: 129

(Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)(Price: Tk.27.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Market Structure, Mark-up Theories and Industrial Pricing: The Case of Urea Fertilizer Industry in Bangladesh, October 1990

Author/s: Hye Mondal

Number: 128

(Price: Tk.27.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Women and Employment in Bangladesh, December 1990

Author/s: Simeen Mahmud & Shamim Hamid

Number: 127*

Issue: Rural Informal Financial Markets in Bangladesh: An Overview, December 1990

Author/s: K.A.S. Murshid & Atiq Rahman

Number: 126*

Issue: Slow Response of Trade and Industry to Import Policy Changes, March 1991

Author/s: Raisul Awal Mahmood, Sultan Hafeez Rahman & Mohammad Nazmul Hasan

Number: 125

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: The Development of the Private Sector in Bangladesh:A Review of the Evolution and Outcome of the State Policy, December 1990

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan

Number: 124*

Issue: Rural Employment Generation in Bangladesh: A Regional Perspective, December 1990

Author/s: Atiq Rahman and Dilip Kumar Roy

Number: 123*

Issue: Estimating Income and Price Elasticities of Imports and Exports of Bangladesh, December 1990

Author/s: Forhad Jahan Shilpi

Number: 122

(Price: Tk.22.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Consumption Demand for Fish in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis with Cross Sectional Data, July 1990

Author/s: Sultan Hafeez Rahman & Dilip Kumar Roy

Number: 121*

(Price: Tk.22.00; US$5.00)

Issue: The External Economy of Bangladesh: Trends, Structure and the Terms of Trade, July 1990

Author/s: Sultan Hafeez Rahman

Number: 120*

Issue: Impact of Low Export Prices of Jute at Farm Level in Bangladesh, February 1990

Author/s: Sajjad Zohir

Number: 119

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Interactions between Infant Mortality and Fertility: A Case Study of Bangladesh, October 1990

Author/s: M.A. Mannan

Number: 118

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Mother and Child Health in Bangladesh: Evidence from Field Data, February 1990

Author/s: M.A. Mannan

Number: 117

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Women’s Non-market Works and GDP Accounting: The Case of Bangladesh, December 1989

Author/s: Shamim Hamid

Number: 116*

Issue: Social Forestry in Bangladesh, December 1989

Author/s: M. Asaduzzaman

Number: 115

(Price: Tk.21.00; US$5.00)

Issue: The Pattern of Industrial Location and Its Determinants in Bangladesh, October 1989

Author/s: Abdul Hye Mondal

Number: 114

(Price: Tk.27.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Status of Women in Bangladesh: Equality of Rights—Theory and Practice, December 1989

Author/s: M.A. Mannan

Number: 113*

Issue: Problems of Repayment to the DFIs in Bangladesh: Results of a Field Survey of Selected Enterprise, 1990

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan and Ahmad Ahsan

Number: 112

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Role and Problems of Public Financial Institutions in the Recovery of Loans:Case Studies of Nationalised Commercial Banks, August 1990

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan and Md. N. Ehsan Fatmi

Number: 111

(Price: Tk.50.00; US$8.00)

Issue: Bangladesh: A Case of Technological Stagnation, August 1989

Author/s: A.A. Abdullah & Atiq Rahman

Number: 110

(Price: Tk.25.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Value Added and Employment in Services, Small Scale and Cottage Industries in Bangladesh, December 1989

Author/s: Zaid Bakht and Mahabub Hossain

Number: 109

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Impact of Grameen Bank on the Nutritional Status of the Rural Poor, September 1989

Author/s: Atiur Rahman

Number: 108*

Issue: Availability, Consumption and Marketing of Matchwood in Bangladesh, July 1989

Author/s: Salma Chaudhuri Zohir

Number: 107

(Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Rural Credit Market in Noakhali District, Bangladesh, June 1989

Author/s: Sajjad Zohir

Number: 106

(Price: Tk.25.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Credit for Women’s Involvement in Economic Activities in Rural Bangladesh, June 1989

Author/s: Mahabub Hossain & Rita Afsar

Number: 105

(Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Women and the Rural Informal Credit Market in Bangladesh, May 1989

Author/s: Trina Haque

Number: 104*

Issue: Urban Informal Financial Markets in Bangladesh— An Overview, May 1989

Author/s: Farouk A. Chowdhury and Atiq Rahman

Number: 103

(Price: Tk.25.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Informal Financial Markets and the Handloom and Small Scale Cotton Textile Sector in Bangladesh, May 1989

Author/s: Md. Reazul Islam

Number: 102

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Overseas Remittances and Informal Financing in Bangladesh, May 1989

Author/s: Farid Bakht and Raisul Awal Mahmood

Number: 101

(Price: Tk.26.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Moneylenders and Informal Financial Markets: Insights from Haor Areas of Rural Bangladesh, May 1989

Author/s: Binayak Sen

Number: 100

(Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Credit Market and Metal Fabrication Sector in Bangladesh, 1989

Author/s: Debapriya Bhattacharya

Number: 99

(Price: Tk.45.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Growth and Performance of the Fertilizer Industry in Bangladesh: 1961/62-1987/88, 1988

Author/s: Muhammad Abdul Latif and Abdul Hye Mondal

Number: 98

(Price: Tk.22.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Choice of Techniques and Source of Industrial Finance: The Case of Steel Rerolling Industry in Bangladesh, February 1989

Author/s: Nuimuddin Chowdhury

Number: 97

(Price: Tk.20.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Towards an Evaluation of the Role and Performance of the Bangladesh Handloom Board, August 1990

Author/s: Debapriya Bhattacharya

Number: 96

(Price: Tk.32.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Coconut Based Industries in Bangladesh with Special Emphasis on Marketing of Products, 1988

Author/s: Narayan Chandra Nath

Number: 95

(Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Quantifying Benefits of Rural Market Improvement, June 1989

Author/s: Omar H. Chowdhury

Number: 94

(Price: Tk.20.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Choice of Technology: A Case Study of Leather Manufacturing in Bangladesh, December 1988

Author/s: M.M. Huq and K.M. Nabiul Islam

Number: 93

(Price: Tk.27.00; US$5.00)

Issue: A Study on the Impact of Public Investment on Output and Employment in Bangladesh, May 1989

Author/s: Atiq Rahman

Number: 92

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Poverty and Inequality in the Eighties: An Analysis of Some Recent Evidence

Author/s: Atiq Rahman and Trina Haque

Number: 91*

(Price: Tk. 30.00: US$ 5.00)

Issue: Human Resource Situation in Bangladesh, December 1988

Author/s: Raisul Awal Mahmood

Number: 90

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Bangladeshi Immigrants in the U.K., February 1989

Author/s: Raisul Awal Mahmood

Number: 89

(Price: Tk.18.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Towards Technological Transition in the Bangladesh Handloom Industry: A Project Proposal on Replacement of the Ordinary Fly-Shuttle-Loom by Chittaranjan Loom, December 1988

Author/s: Muhammad Abdul Latif

Number: 88

(Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Profile of Rural Industries in Bangladesh, 1978, December 1988

Author/s: Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad

Number: 87

(Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Intermediate Powerloom Industry in Bangladesh: Interpretive Account of Its Economic Characteristics, January 1989

Author/s: Nuimuddin Chowdhury

Number: 86

(Price: Tk.20.00; US$5.00)

Issue: A Review of Poverty, Inequality and Unemployment in Some Asian Countries, May 1989

Author/s: Atiq Rahman

Number: 85

(Price: Tk.15.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Rural Industrialization as a Tool for Rural-Urban Integration in Bangladesh, December 1988

Author/s: Abdul Hye Mondal

Number: 84

(Price: Tk.25.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Labour Intensity and Efficiency of Capital Use in Bangladesh Manufacturing Industries, December 1988

Author/s: Dilip Kumar Roy

Number: 83*

Issue: The Role of Public Policy in the Growth of the Bangladesh Handloom Industry: 1947-87, November 1988

Author/s: Muhammad Abdul Latif

Number: 82

 (Price: Tk.15.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Structure of the Bangladesh Match Industry, and a Provisional Prognosis of a Move Towards Greater Automation:

Author/s: Nuimuddin Chowdhury and Zaid Bakht

Number: 81

(Price: Tk.20.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Elasticity and Buoyancy in Bangladesh Tax Structure, November 1988

Author/s: Omar H. Chowdhury and Mahabub Hossain

Number: 80

(Price: Tk.20.00; US$5.00)

Issue: Incompatibility of Child Care with Women’s Participation in the Job Market:The Case of Urban Bangladesh, September 1988

Author/s: Pratima Paul-Majumder

Number: 79*

Issue: Development of Communication and Grassroots Participation: Bangladesh Case, 1988

Author/s: Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad and Dilip Kumar Roy

Number: 78*

Issue: Private Foreign Investment in Bangladesh: The Perspective of Donors and Investors, 1988

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan and Debapriya Bhattacharya

Number: 77*

Issue: The Structure of DPI Sponsored Investment in Bangladesh, June 1988

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan and Ahmad Ahsan

Number: 76*

Issue: Political Dimensions of South Asian Cooperation: The Perspective for Bangladesh, June 1988

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan

Number: 75*

Issue: Some Determinants of Manufacturing Employment: An Application to Bangladesh, June 1988

Author/s: Dilip Kumar Roy

Number: 74*

Issue: Swanirvar As a Strategy for Endogenous Rural Development, April 1988

Author/s: Rita Afsar

Number: 73*

Issue: Impact of Agricultural Mechanization in Bangladesh, January 1988

Author/s: M. Asaduzzaman

Number: 72*

Issue: The Social Background of Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh: An Occupational Profile of Borrowers from the DFIs, January 1988

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan and Binayak Sen

Number: 71*

Issue: Public Sector Employment in Bangladesh, March 1987

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan and K.A.S. Murshid 

Number: 70*

Issue: Relevance of the Socio-Economic Fertility Synthesis in Bangladesh, October 1987

Author/s: Salma Chaudhuri Zohir

Number: 69*

Issue: Effectiveness of Paura (Municipal) Finance in the Mobilisation and Generation of Local Resources in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Five Towns, October 1987

Author/s: Abdul Hye Mondal 

Number: 68*

Issue: A Critical Review of the Poverty Situation in Bangladesh in the Eighties (Vol. II), May 1988

Author/s: Atiq Rahman, Simeen Mahmud and Trina Haque

Number: 67*

Issue: A Critical Review of the Poverty Situation in Bangladesh in the Eighties (Vol. I), May 1988

Author/s: Atiq Rahman, Simeen Mahmud and Trina Haque

Number: 66*

Issue: Appropriate Technology in the Rural Industries Sector of Bangladesh, September 1987

Author/s: Zaid Bakht

Number: 65*

Issue: A Validation of Retrospective Survey Data Used in the Indirect Estimation of Fertility and Mortality, September 1987

Author/s: Simeen Mahmud and Stan Backer

Number: 64

(Price: Tk. 15.00; US $ 5.00) 

Issue: Gender Aspects of Nutrition and Mortality Among Children in Rural Bangladesh, September 1987

Author/s: Simeen Mahmud

Number: 63*

Issue: Impact of the New System of Distribution of Fertilizer and Irrigation Machines in Bangladesh-Survey Findings, August 1987

Author/s: Md. Abul Quasem

Number: 62*

Issue: Impact of Grameen Bank Intervention on the Rural Power Structure, August 1987

Author/s: Atiur Rahman

Number: 61*

Issue: Distribution of Benefits from the Public Food Distribution System, June 1986

Author/s: Abu Abdullah and K.A.S. Murshid

Number: 60*

Issue: BSCIC's Industrial Estate Programme: An Assessment, May 1987

Author/s: Nuimuddin Chowdhury

Number: 59

Issue: An Evaluation of the Marketing Programme of Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation, May 1987

Author/s: Nuimuddin Chowdhury

Number: 58*

Issue: Employment Creation in Rural Bangladesh— Policies and Programme, May 1987

Author/s: Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad

Number: 57*

Issue: The Jute Spinning Industry in Bangladesh: The Problems and the Prospects, March 1987

Author/s: Atiq Rahman 

Number: 56*

Issue: Socio-Economic Implications of an HRD Policy in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Noakhali Integrated Rural Development Project (NIRDP):Some Macro-Level Evidence, December 1986

Author/s: Mahmudul Alam and Nobi Hossain

Number: 55*

Issue: Foreign Aid and Agricultural Development Policy in Bangladesh: A Case Study of World Bank Influence, December 1986

Author/s: Shakeeb Adnan Khan 

Number: 54*

Issue: Income Distribution in Bangladesh, November 1986

Author/s: S.R. Osmani and Atiq Rahman 

Number: 53*

Issue: The Socio-Economic Disadvantages and Development Perspective of the Poor in Bangladesh Agriculture, September 1986

Author/s: Atiq Rahman

Number: 52*

Issue: The Rickshaw Industry of Dhaka: Preliminary Findings, June 1986

Author/s: Salim Rashid 

Number: 51*

Issue: The Impact of Fiscal Policy on the Monetary Sector of Bangladesh, May 1986

Author/s: S.R. Osmani, Zaid Bakht and Chowdhury Anwaruzzaman

Number: 50*

Issue: Women and Home, December 1986

Author/s: Pratima Paul-Majumder 

Number: 49*

Issue: Feasibility of Setting Indicative Prices for Jute Products, April 1986

Author/s: Sultan Hafeez Rahman and Joyant Bagchi 

Number: 48*

Issue: Jute Market Instability: Causes Nature and Remedial Options, April 1986

Author/s: Sultan Hafeez Rahman

Number: 47*

Issue: Pricing and Subsidy Policy for the Public Sector Jute Manufacturing Industry of Bangladesh, March 1986

Author/s: S.R. Osmani and Selim Jahan

Number: 46*

Issue: Promotion of Employment and Income Through Rural Noncrop Activities in Bangladesh, March 1986

Author/s: Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad

Number: 45*

Issue: Regional Co-operation in Development of Energy in South Asia: A Bangladesh Perspective, March 1985

Author/s: M. Asaduzzaman

Number: 44*

Issue: Some Population Characteristics and Fertility Differentials in Four Microregions of Bangladesh: Some Results from Study of the Reproduction Behaviour and Poverty in Bangladesh, January 1985

Author/s: M.R. Khan

Number: 43*

Issue: Agricultural Taxation in Bangladesh: Potential and Policies, October 1985

Author/s: Mahabub Hossain, Atiur Rahman and M.M. Akash

Number: 42*

Issue: Development Strategies and Productivity in Bangladesh, October 1985

Author/s: Atiq Rahman

Number: 41*

Issue: Performance of the Special Works Programme in Bangladesh, 1979-80, May 1984

Author/s: M. Asaduzzaman, Mahabub Hossain and Bimal K. Saha

Number: 40*

Issue: Agricultural Underemployment, Industrial Growth, Real Wages and Labour Absorption in Bangladesh Economy, 1952-1978, January 1985

Author/s: Osman Haider Chowdhury

Number: 39*

Issue: Disinvestment and Denationalisation: Profile and Performance, July 1984

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan and Ahmed Ahsan

Number: 38*

Issue: Towards an Understanding of Entrepreneurship in Early Development: The Case of Cotton Textile in Bangladesh, January 1985

Author/s: Nuimuddin Chowdhury

Number: 37*

Issue: Factor Productivity and Factor Substitution— A Case of Railways, December 1984

Author/s: Faridul Islam

Number: 36*

Issue: Production of Competing Crops with Heterogeneous Land under Capital Constraint—A Case of Jute Vs. Aus Rice, November 1984

Author/s: Md. Mizanur Rahman

Number: 35*

Issue: Urbanization in Bangladesh (1901-1981), May 1983

Author/s: Serajul Islam Laskar

Number: 34*

(Price: Tk. 25.00; US $ 5.00)

Issue: Economic Behaviour of Raw Jute Stocks

Author/s: Sultan Hafeez Rahman

Number: 33*

Issue: Economic Management in Bangladesh 1975-82, July 1983

Author/s: Nuimuddin Chowdhury

Number: 32*

Issue: Public Opinion of Agrarian Problems and Land Reforms—Findings of the Survey Carried Out by the Land Reforms Committee, April 1983

Author/s: Mahabub Hossain

Number: 31*

Issue: Projections of Consumer Demand in Bangladesh, 1984/85 and 1989/90, January 1982

Author/s: Atiur Rahman and Omar Haider Chowdhury 

Number: 30*

Issue: Fertility Level and Attitudes and the Value of Children in Sreeballabpur: A Relatively Developed Bangladesh Village, October 1980

Author/s: Barkat-e-Khuda

Number: 29*

Issue: Birth Rate and Death Rate in Bangladesh:1951-74, August, 1979

Author/s: Sharifa Begum

Number: 28*

Issue: Data from 1974 Population Census: A Preliminary Analysis, April 1979

Author/s: Sharifa Begum and Armindo Miranda

Number: 27*

Issue: Use Pattern of Oral Contraceptive in Rural Bangladesh: A Case Study of Sulla, December 1978

Author/s: Fakhrul Islam Chowdhury and Ahmed Mashtaqur Raza Chowdhury

Number: 26*

Issue: Fertilizer Use in Bangladesh : 1965/66 to 1975/76, September 1978

Author/s: M.A. Quasem

Number: 25*

Issue: Resource Allocation in Handloom Industries in Three Areas of Bangladesh :Some Findings, October 1977

Author/s: Nuimuddin Chowdhury

Number: 24*

Issue: Adoption in HYVs in Bangladesh: Some Preliminary Hypotheses and Tests

Author/s: M. Asaduzzaman and Faridul Islam 

Number: 23*

Issue: Married Women in Urban Occupations of Bangladesh— Some Problem and Issues, June 1976

Author/s: W.B. Reddaway and Md. Mizanur Rahman

Number: 22*

Issue: The Scale of Smuggling Out of Bangladesh, June 1975

Author/s: W.B. Reddaway and Md. Mizanur Rahman

Number: 21*

Issue: Income Distribution and Economic Growth, June 1974

Author/s: Omar H. Chowdhury

Number: 20*

Issue: Tea Industry of Bangladesh : Problems and Prospects, 1974

Author/s: Nuimuddin Chowdhury

Number: 19*

Issue: Some Aspects of Agricultural Credit in Two Irrigated Areas in Bangladesh, October 1974

Author/s: M. Asaduzzaman and Mahabub Hossain

Number: 18*

Issue: Capacity-Utilization of Low Lift Pump Irrigation in Bangladesh, January 1974

Author/s: Mahmudul Alam

Number: 17*

Issue: Rice Cultivation in Comilla Kotwali Thana: The Role of Co-operatives, December 1973

Author/s: Quazi M.A. Malek

Number: 16*

Issue: Approaches Towards Research Methodology on Problems of Urbanization in Bangladesh, October 1973

Author/s: M. Alamgir 

Number: 15*

Issue: Farm Size and Productivity in Bangladesh Agriculture — A Case Study of Phulpur Farms, October 1973

Author/s: Mahabub Hossain

Number: 14*

Issue: Determinants of Employment in Selected Industries of Bangladesh, October 1973

Author/s: Chowdhury Anwaruzzaman and Mahabub Hossain

Number: 13*

Issue: Comparative Cost Structure of Manufacturing Industries of Bangladesh, September 1973

Author/s: Zaid Bakht and S.R. Osmani

Number: 12*

Issue: Cross Section Analysis of Foodgrain Demand in Low-Income Economy: The Case of Bangladesh, August 1973

Author/s: M. Alamgir and L.J.J.B. Berlage

Number: 11*

Issue: An Analysis of the Profitability of the Jute Manufacturing Industry of Bangladesh in Post-Liberation Period, June 1973

Author/s: Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad

Number: 10*

Issue: Long Term Dynamic Model for Planning the Manpower and Education System of Bangladesh, March 1973

Author/s: M. Alamgir

Number: 09*

Issue: Same Economic Aspects of Jute Production in Bangladesh- Inter District Study, September 1972

Author/s: Mahabub Hossain and M.A. Quddus

Number: 08*

Issue: An Analysis of National Accounts of Bangladesh: 1949/50-1969/70, January 1974

Author/s: M. Alamgir and L.J.J.B. Berlage

Number: 07*

Issue: Bangladesh Population During the Five Year Plan Period (1972-77): A Guestimate, October 1972

Author/s: Mashiur Rahman Khan

Number: 06*

Issue: An Aggregate Consumption Function for Bangladesh, October 1972

Author/s: Mohiuddin Alamgir 

Number: 05*

Issue: What has been Happening in Productivity in Manufacturing Sector of Bangladesh? A Case Study of Selected Industries, September 1972

Author/s: Quzi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad

Number: 04*

Issue: Sharecropping and Economic Efficiency in Bangladesh, 1971

Author/s: M. Raquibuzaman

Number: 03*

Issue: An Analysis of Rice Price in Bangladesh, July 1972

Author/s: M. Raquibuzaman and M. Asaduzzaman

Number: 02*

Issue: A Note on Capacity Utilization in the Jute Manufacturing Industry of Bangladesh, August 1972

Author/s: Quzi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad

Number: 01*

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