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How Much is Mobile Money Worth? BKash Experience in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) has initiated a study titled “How Much is Mobile Money Worth? BKash Experience in Bangladesh”. Today, more than 80% of the mobile financial transactions in Bangladesh are done through BKash which serve around 23 million customers.  

Under this study both household and enterprise surveys will be conducted using quasi-experimental design in which the units of households and enterprises will be randomly drawn from randomly selected areas with and without concentration of Bkash services. The key research question is to assess the role of BKash in transferring money through mobile technologies and its impact on users (both consumers and producers), clients, traders, businesses, and all those connected to its operation. Possible benefits of Bkash include financial inclusion, faster, more secure, more confidential and less costly transactions; savings, empowerment of the poor and women, positive impacts on financial markets because of low default, allowing impersonal transactions, positive impact on trades, services, market expansion, and ultimately having an economy wide impact. 
Team Leader- Dr. KAS Murshid

Period of study: 1 year from 15 July, 2017

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