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An Inclusive Approach to Care of the Elderly in Bangladesh

The care for the elderly is now quite entrenched in most developed countries, with varying intensity; it was both more intensive and extensive in coverage in the earlier socialist countries, and is also now more prevalent in countries with more socialistic spirits such as the eastern European and the Nordic countries. The debates on the care for elderly, both from societal perspectives and from the perspective of medical care systems continue in recent literature. In addition to, compared to the most developed countries, old age support program is a newer concept in most developing countries. In addition, Bangladesh’s issue of ‘care for the elderly’ is of recent origin, yet it is limited to care for the public sector retirees, through old age pension system, few rudimentary healthcare support via public health care system, and few private sector initiated ‘old age homes’. There is no comprehensive policy for systematically developing old age care system. In fact, care for the elderly is something that builds a civilized society with due respect and care for its elderly. It is a way of paying our debts to our mothers and fathers, our parents and grandparents who, left alone, may no longer be able to care for themselves.

Bangladesh, despite the prognosis of a demographic divided, which some calculate to be optimally effective until 2032 and the longer-term projection being around 2038, is poised to face the growing elderly population (21 per cent) by 2025 and 40 per cent by the middle of this century. For the first time, in 2051, the aged population above 60 years will number more than the 15 years and less, age-groups. Aging is inevitable and it’s effect will be of epic proportions upon the income, economy, lifestyle of the active population and the dependent populace.

The study on “An Inclusive Approach for caring the Elderly in Bangladesh” will be directed by Dr. Anwara Begum, and supported by Ms. Rizwana Islam. Dr. Atiqur Rahman will provide advisory services in designing and conducting the study. 


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