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A Comparative Study on Clusters and non-Clusters Based SME Development in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are nearly 7.9 million SMEs including micro enterprises contributing to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at an estimated 25% (Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2015) . SMEs account for 11% of the country’s industrial establishments, 30% of industrial employment and 40% of the...

Decent Wage Bangladesh (Phase 1)

The aims of the project Decent Wage Bangladesh phase 1 aimed to gain insight in actual wages, the cost of living and the collective labour agreements in four low-paid sectors in three regions of Bangladesh, in order to strengthen the power of trade unions. The project received funding from...

Employment And Unemployment Amongst Educated Youth In Bangladesh – An Exploratory Analysis

This is an exploratory exercise which attempts to identify the potential for carrying out online socio-economic surveys in Bangladesh, taking the question of ‘educated unemployment’ as a test case. The topic is of great interest not just in Bangladesh but also throughout South Asia and beyond,...

COVID-19 in Bangladesh: Prevalence, KAP and Heterogeneous Shocks under 'General Holiday' - An Exploratory Study Based on an Online Survey

This study is based on data generated online which covered all socio-economic groups and all districts of the country. It can be considered representative of the vast online population, and it is believed that the patterns exposed would find strong resonance in the wider population as well. The...

Health status and healthcare-seeking behaviour assessment among elderly citizens in Bangladesh

Population ageing is one of the most important demographic trends in the 21st century. Along with the developed and developing world, Bangladesh is facing such challenges as the elderly population with the high risk of diseases and disability would put urgent demands on healthcare systems while...

The Determinants of Household Disaster Preparedness Behavior in Bangladesh

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYRecent literatures have widely portrayed natural disaster impacts on welfare and livelihoods. This literature largely focuses on loss of physical capital (e.g. asset, livestock, and crop), household income earning opportunities, coping strategies (including migration) and health...

Rice Market of Bangladesh: Role of Different Players and Assessing Competition

This study aims to understand the supply chain of rice (after farmgate), the role of various actors associated to the collection of paddy, milling and marketing of rice and power of these actors in different segments of the supply chain. The study also enquires for possible sources of market...

Monthly Gas Usage by both Metered & Non-metered Single and Double Burner Domestic Gas Consumers under Different Gas Distribution Companies in Bangladesh

In any country, energy is the driving force behind all economic activities. Productivity and efficiency in different economic sectors depend much on efficient supply and use of energy, which includes mainly gas and electricity. Natural Gas is the most important source of energy in Bangladesh as...

Impact Assessment of Solar Irrigation, Solar Mini-grid and ICS Projects of IDCOL

Impact Assessment of Solar Irrigation, Solar Mini-grid and ICS Projects of IDCOL

Impact of Mobile Financial Services in Bangladesh: The case of bKash

Impact of Mobile Financial Services in Bangladesh: The case of bKash

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