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occasional paper series

Tales from My Professional Life - Nurul Islam

This special publication highlights Professor Nurul Islam’s reminiscences and the critical perspectives provided by three prominent economists of his generation, namely Professors Rehman Sobhan, Keith Griffin and Azizur Rahman Khan. They sketch a fascinating insight into the “initial...

Uploaded Date : 2016-06-23

Role of Experts in Policy Advice: Lessons of Experience

Author: Professor Nurul IslamProfessor Nurul Islam examines the role of experts in policy advice in order to draw some lessons from his valuable personal experience. Recognizing the highly complex nature of policymaking in a modern state, he suggests that, apart from building up strong public...

Uploaded Date : 2016-06-02

The Challenge of Jobless Growth in Developing Countries: An Analysis with Cross-Country Data

Author: Rizwanul IslamAlthough high rate of economic growth is necessary condition for rapid poverty reduction on a sustained basis, this is not a sufficient condition, and the relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction is not invariant. Similar rates of economic growth are found to...

Uploaded Date : 2016-06-02
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