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Final Round Satisfaction Survey of Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project"

Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) aims to improve the quality of teaching-learning and research capabilities of the tertiary education institutions of the country. Of the five components of the project, Academic Innovation Fund (AIF), first of its kind in the country, is regarded as the cornerstone of the HEQEP. So far, the AIF has financed over 300 sub-projects across several public and private universities. These include a whole array of facilities starting from establishment of new lab facilities with modern lab equipment to capacity building of faculties and support staffs. To assess success of the AIF from perspective of its stakeholders and beneficiaries, this study evaluates the level of satisfaction of the students, faculty members, head of departments as well as prospective employers of graduates about the overall teaching, learning and academic environment in higher education institutions.

Briefly, HEQEP has become almost synonymous with infrastructural and technological up-gradations in classrooms, laboratories, offices and libraries. With the secured funding through AIF, the higher education institutions scattered all around Bangladesh seem to have rejuvenated. Faculty members, students, and staff appreciate the notable positive changes needed to excel the quality of teaching and learning. Although students are not fully aware of the details of HEQEP, they observed that their class rooms have been equipped with projectors and air-conditions. Teaching and learning environment has changed in a positive direction. Stakeholders generally are aware of the fact that this project is associated with University Grants Commission under the Ministry of Education. They also pointed out that the overall purpose of HEQEP is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.


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