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Crop Diversification for Dietary Diversity and Nutrients Intake: Evidence from Bangladeshi Farm Households

Using two rounds of nationally representative Bangladesh Integrated Household Survey (BIHS- 2011-12, 2015) data and a panel data model, we aim to explore the linkages, if any, among household crop diversification, household dietary diversity and per capita nutrients intake of households. Over the years, Bangladesh has been improving in dietary diversity and vitamin A intake, but it has not improved in crop diversification, per capita calorie, iron and zinc intake. This study finds that households with less concentration on rice production are more likely to diversify their consumption. It is also found that there is no significant association between crop diversification and dietary diversity, but there is a negative and significant association between dietary diversity and per capita calorie intake among the farm households. On the other hand, diversity in dietary intake significantly increases per capita micro-nutrients intake (iron, zinc, vitamin-A). Moreover, household income is a strong determinant for both dietary diversity and nutrients intake. This study finds that increasing per capita income of households increases diet diversity, per capita calorie, protein, iron, zinc and vitamin-A intake.



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