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Citizen Survey On Service Delivery And Institutional Efficiency Of Union And Upazila Parishads

Study Team: Monzur Hossain (Team Leader), Harunur Rashid Bhuyan and Paritosh Kumar Roy

Executive Summary

The Local Government Division (LGD)has been implementing two flagship projects on local governance reforms, namely the Upazila Governance Project (UZGP) and the Union Parishad Governance Project (UPGP) since late 2012 with funding and technical supports from the UNDP and other donor agencies. The baseline surveys for both these projects were conducted before implementing the projects and citizen’s perception surveys were also conducted in 2014. The objective of this citizen survey is to assess the changes in understanding of citizens about their perceptions regarding the public service delivery of LGIs as well as the efficiency of these two local government institutions (LGIs).


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