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Impact Evaluation of Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Program in Bangladesh Executive Summary

The present research has been carried out based on a survey of 420 VGD beneficiaries and 196 non-beneficiaries. The survey was conducted in 7 divisions of the country. From each division, the sample locations consisted of one district, two upazilas and four unions. The main purpose of the study is to assess the impact of the program on VGD beneficiaries in reducing poverty and in enhancing income and livelihood patterns of program beneficiaries.

A total of 420 beneficiaries were selected from the 28 sample unions (15 beneficiaries from each union). The control group for the present survey was selected in such a way that the non-beneficiaries belong to similar socio-economic category as that of the program beneficiaries, but having no involvement with any safety net programme. From each selected union, 7 control households were selected which gave a total of 196 non-beneficiaries from the 28 sample unions.


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