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Evaluation of National Service Program (2nd , 3rd & 4th phase) of Department of Youth Development

The Department of Youth Development (DYD) is often described as the lead agency in the Government of Bangladesh for matters related to youth development. The DYD has a network of branches all over the country. The head office at Dhaka, 64 district branches and 491 Upazilla branches (including 10 metropolitan unit/thana branches) are implementing coordinated programs for youth development. The DYD has implemented many projects namely: (i) Skill development training program for the youth (ii) Self-employment program, (iii) Credit program, (iv) Public private partnership program, and (iv) poverty reduction program, etc.

National Service Programme (NSP) of DYD

As per electoral commitment of the present Government, National Service Programme (NSP) was launched with a view to providing temporary employment to the unemployed youths passing H.S.C and above through their involvement in nation building activities. The 1st phase of the programme started in Financial Year 2009-2010 and continued up to the financial year 2012-2013. The 2nd phase of the programme started in Financial year 2011-2012 and was ended in February 2016. During the 2nd phase of the programme, seven districts and eight upazilas under Rangpur division have been covered and a total of 14,515 male and female youths aged 24-35 years have received training. The 3rd phase of the programme started in Financial Year 2013-2014 and a total of 12,547 male and female youths in the age group 24-35 years have received training during the 3rd phase. The 4th phase of the programme started in Financial Year 2017-2018 and 16,866 male and female youths aged 24-35 years have been trained during the 4th phase and out of them 16,491 youths (97.78%) have been provided with temporary employment. Under the NSP, training and temporary employment is provided to the interested unemployed youths in the age group of 24-35 years, who have successfully completed Higher Secondary level education (H.S.C) or above.  The selected youths are given three months’ training on ten particular areas/modules. After completion of training they are given temporary employment in their locality for two years in different agencies of the Government at the local level. Department of Youth Development under the Ministry of Youth and Sports is responsible for implementation of the activities of NSP.

Objectives and Scope of the Study

The main purpose of the present evaluation is to assess the impact of the NSP intervention and to examine the impact of the program on the beneficiaries. 

The overall objective is: 

(i) To assess the extent to which the National Service Program has achieved its stated objectives, and 

(ii) To evaluate the impact of the program on the target beneficiaries in terms of skill development, income earning potential and self-employment opportunity. 

The evaluation will assess the performance of the training program with regard to:

 Planning;

 Organization;

 Implementation;

 Administration.


Both quantitative and qualitative data will be utilized. Data collection will involve (i) interviewing of beneficiaries/trainees of NSP and also control group (out of programme); (ii) conducting in-depth interviews (KII) and consultative meetings with Youth Development Officers at Upazila and district level (DD/UYDO); and (iii) FGD with local level representatives, local administration, community leaders, local elite, trainees, and concerned stakeholders etc.

Sponsoring Agency:  Department of Youth Development (DYD)

Research Team:   Dr. S M. Zahedul Islam Chowdhury (Study Director), Dr. Golam Nabi Mozumder and Dr. M. A. Mannan (External Consultant)

Time Frame: January 2020 to April 2020

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