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Labor Market Study for Skills (LMS- SEIP) – Ten Sectors under Component-3

The agro-processing industry is an important part in the manufacturing sector of Bangladesh. It works as a bridge between agriculture and the industrial process leading to the development of the country. While in terms of contribution to GDP, Bangladesh may no longer be called as an agrarian country, yet agriculture is the major provider of livelihood to around half of the population. Creating value addition to the agricultural products through agro-processing industries, may therefore be a key strategy for stimulating the development process and can play an important role in export diversification plan in future. Agro- processing industry is already identified in having a significant global impact on economic development and poverty reduction, in both urban and rural communities (da Silva et al., 2009). In the present study we have, however, only focused on agro processing industries that is under the manufacturing sector and thus enterprises that are related to food products and beverages are only included in the calculations.

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