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Impact of the Second Rural Transport Improvement Project (RTIP-II)

Transport infrastructure investment is crucial for inclusive economic growth. As transport is a significant factor in determining success, improved and reliable passenger and freight services assist households’ mobility, enterprises' business growth, community and market access, and individual well-being. However, many poor people worldwide live in rural areas isolated by distance from employment, and other development facilities, including education and health. With the financial assistance of the World Bank, the Government of Bangladesh initiated the implementation of rural infrastructure development projects in the 1990s through the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED). These projects aim to improve and rehabilitate the high-priority rural infrastructure in the selected districts. Based on the past success, the World Bank extended its credit facilities for the Second Rural Transport Improvement Project (RTIP-II). The objective of the project was to reduce rural poverty and stimulate the economic development of rural communities through rural accessibility in project areas and strengthen institutional capacity for sustainable rural road maintenance. The project/intervention encompassed specific objectives for the betterment of households,transport users and owners, enterprises, markets, and communities.

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