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An Evaluation of Primary Education Stipend Project-II

Client: Primary Education Stipend Project (Phase-II)

Research Team: Mohammad Yunus (Study Director), Ms. Siban Shahana (Member)

In this study, attempts were made to assess the final outcomes of major indicators of educational attainment, economic and social development among the households of the students who received stipends under PESP-II vis-à-vis that among the control households. The study was conducted in 125 schools and madrasas in 25 districts, with 1250 student households that received PESP-II stipends and comparable 1250 households that did not receive PESP-II stipends. Thus the aggregate sample stood at a total of 2500 households. In addition, heads of the 125 schools and madrasas were interviewed about attendance, promotion, repetition and dropout rates across grades. The survey employed a mixed-method approach, combining collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. For the qualitative assessment 380 KIIs were conducted with 8 different categories of implementers in order to understand the implementation procedure.


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