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Children and Youth in Bangladesh: Human Capital and Employment

Dr Rushidan Islam Rahman

Research Director, BIDS, Dhaka

Summary of findings

The shares of 5-14 and 15-24 year age groups are 24.88 and 17.04 per cent among male and 23.47 and 19.29 per cent among female, the share of youth have increased during 1991 to 2001 and remained static during 2001 to 2011. Major findings from the study are presented below.

a) School enrolment rates have risen among 6-14 age groups. Among 11-14 and 15-20 year old groups it is much lower.

b) School enrolment rate among women of 15-20 age group is much smaller than young men in this age group. 

c) Rates of labour force participation in 15-24 years age group is lower than higher aged groups.

d) Unemployment rate among the youth labour is much higher than aged labour force.

e) Underemployment rate is also high among youth labour force.

f) LFPR among young women is much lower than young men

g) Children’s employment continues, although the employment rate in this group has been on the decline as expected.


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