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Establishments Survey on Workplace Injuries in Bangladesh

Workplace injury in Bangladesh is perceived to be high, but the issue has received inadequate attention. It is necessary to create a broad consensus among government, employers and workers organisations on the need for a National Employment Injury Protection and Rehabilitation (NEIPR) scheme. The NEIPR scheme helps spread the risks of workplace injury across all employers at the national level. Such a scheme would provide an immediate response in terms of compensating those directly affected by workplace accidents. 

The Government of Bangladesh has shown keen interest to work with the ILO in setting up a national EII (Employment injury insurance) scheme. An effective design of NEIPR requires a comprehensive 'establishment survey' for developing a clear idea on the type and extent of workplace injury in key manufacturing and service sectors of Bangladesh. The proposed study aims at conducting such establishment survey. The survey will generate data on the accident and injury rates in the manufacturing sector including apparel, textile, cement, ship building, ship breaking, leather, and pharmaceuticals and services such as construction, real estate and transport. The study is also expected to provide a base for future assessment of workplace injuries in other sectors. 

The survey will include the following:

• It will produce an inventory of registered establishments in the following economic sectors: RMG, textile, cement, ship building, ship breaking and leather (both finished and tannery), pharmaceuticals, construction, transportation and Real estate.

• Find out the types and frequency of accidents, injury occurring in selected economic sectors. 

• Understand the nature of impacts faced by workplace injury victims and their respective families

The study is sponsored by the International Labour Organization, ILO, and will be conducted over the period 15 November, 2016 through 6 September, 2017.

Key personnel to be engaged for the study include:

1. Dr. Kazi Ali Toufique (Research Director and team leader of the study)
2. Dr. Mohammed Yunus (Senior Research Fellow)
3. Dr. Nazneen Ahmed (Senior Research Fellow)
4. Md. Iqbal Hossain (Research Associate)
5. Mr. T.I.M. Nurunnabi Khan (Consultant)

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