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Dr. Minhaj Mahmud

Senior Research Fellow


Minhaj Mahmud holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics from the University of Gothenburg and MA in Economics from the University of Manitoba. He previously taught at Queens University Belfast,  Keele University, Jahangirnagar University and BRAC University as well as held research positions at BIDS and BIGD(BRAC University). He  was also a Visiting Research Professor at University of Tokyo, Japan and Visiting Faculty at Jawaharlal Nehru University, India and University of Dhaka.  Currently he is a Visiting Scholar of the JICA Research Institute, Tokyo. He is also a Research adviser of BIGD and Fellow of Global Labor Organization.          

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Area of Specialization

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Development Economics


Selected Publications

Journal Article

Foreign Aid, Foreign Policy, and Domestic Government Legitimacy:  Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh (with Simone Dietrich & Matthew Winters), 2017, Journal of Politics,

Perceptions of Foreign Aid Project Quality in Bangladesh (with Matthew Winters & Simone Dietrich),  2017, Research & Politics 4(4),

Explaining Low Sustained Use of Point-of-Use Water Treatment Technology: Evidence from a Follow-up of a Randomized Controlled Trial in Bangladesh (with N Najnin, S Arman, J Abedin, L Unicomb, D Levine, K Leder, F Yeasmin, J Luoto, J Albert and S Luby), 2015,  Tropical Medicine and International Health, 20(4): 471–483 

Trust, Trust Games and Stated Trust: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh (with Olof Johansson- Stenman and Peter Martinsson), 2013, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 95 pp. 286-298

Learning to Dislike Safe Water Products: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effects of Direct and Peer Experience on Willingness to Pay (with J. Luoto,  J. Albert, S. Luby, N. Najnin, L. Unicomb and D. Levine), 2012, Environmental Science and Technology 46 (11), pp 6244–6251 DOI: 10.1021/es2027967

 Saving lives versus life years in rural Bangladesh: An Ethical Preferences Approach (with Olof Johansson-Stenman and Peter Martinsson), 2011, Health Economics, Wiley InterScience, 20(6), June. doi: 10.1002/hec.1627.

What Point-of-Use Water Treatment Products do Consumers Use? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial among the Urban Poor in Bangladesh (with J. Luoto, N. Najnin, J. Albert, S. Islam, S. Luby, L. Unicomb and D. Levine), 2011, PLoS ONE 6(10)

Trust and Religion: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh (with Olof Johansson-Stenman and Peter Martinsson), 2009, Economica, Blackwell Publishing, 76(3):462-485, July. DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0335.2008.00689.x

On the Contingent Valuation of Mortality Risk Reductions in Developing Countries, 2009, Applied Economics, Taylor and Francis Journals, 41(2):171-181, January.        

Does Stake Size Matter in Trust Games? (with Olof Johansson-Stenman and Peter. Martinsson), 2005 Economics Letters, Elsevier, 88(3):  365-369, September.

Book Chapters

Delinking of Local and International Prices: Exploring Competition  in the Bangladesh Rice Market(with S N Wadood),  in Mostafa K Mujeri and Wahiduddin Mahmud edited  "Adjusting to Global Economic Volatility: The Case of South Asia," Academic Foundation, New Delhi, August 2014

Implementing the Plan: The Challenges of Good Governance, Implementation Capacity, and Monitoring and Evaluation, Sixth Five Year Plan of Bangladesh 2011-2015 ,  Background Papers, Vol. 4, Chapter 6, Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh, Dhaka , 2011, September.

Micro Health Insurance: Scale, Delivery and Regulatory Challenges (with Syed M Ahsan), Towards Universal Health Coverage, Bangladesh Health 2011, Chapter 8, BRAC, Dhaka 2012

Financing Health Care: An Evaluation of NGO- led Micro Health Insurance (with Syed M Ahsan, S A Hamid, and S Barua), Towards Universal Health Coverage, Bangladesh Health 2011, Chapter 5, BRAC, Dhaka 2012 

Working Papers

Individualized Self-learning Program to Improve Primary Education: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in Bangladesh( with Yasuyuki  Sawada, An le, Mai Seki and Kawarazaki Hikaru),  2017 JICA Research Institute Working Paper No. 156, Tokyo, October

Transitions between Informal and Formal Employment: Results from a Worker Survey in Bangladesh (with Italo Gutierrez, Krishna Kumar, Farzana Munshi, and Shanthi Nataraj), 2017,  RAND Working Paper 1199, RAND Corporation, USA, July

What Aspects of Formality Do Workers Value? Evidence from a Choice Experiment in Bangladesh(with  Italo Gutierrez, Krishna Kumar, and Shanthi Nataraj), 2017,  RAND Working Paper 1197,  RAND Corporation, USA, July 

Women Empowerment in Bangladesh:  Household Decisions under Development of Non-Farm Sectors and Microfinance Institutions (with Kei Otsuka, Yasuyuki Sawada, Mari Tanaka and Tomomi Tanaka), 2017 JICA Research Institute Working Paper No. 154, Tokyo, June

Infrastructure and Well-being: Employment Effects of Jamuna Bridge in Bangladesh(with Yasuyuki Sawada), CIRJE Discussion Paper No 986, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo, August 2015

Happiness in Life Domains: Evidence from Bangladesh based on parametric and non-parametric models(with Yasuyuki Sawada), CIRJE Discussion Paper No 987, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo, August 2015

Free Provision and Demand for Health Products": evidence from follow-up of a randomized controlled trial in Bangladesh (with Ananta Neelim and Abu Mohd Naser Titu), International Growth Centre Working Paper S-31109-BGD-1, December 2014

Religion, Minority Status and Trust: Evidence from a field experiment (with Gautam Gupta, Pushkar Maitra, Santunu Mitra and Ananta Neelim), Monash Economics Discussion  Papers 28-13, Monash University, 2013

Travel Mode Choice Preferences of Urban Commuters in Dhaka: A Pilot Study(with Atonu Rabbani), International Growth Centre Working Paper C-31005-BGD-1, March 2012 

Contact Details

Telephone: +8802 9118999

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