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Dr. Minhaj Mahmud

Senior Research Fellow


Minhaj Mahmud received Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Gothenburg in 2005, Sweden and MA in Economics from the University of Manitoba in 1999. Previously, he held academic and research positions at Queens University Belfast and Keele University in the United Kingdom and BIDS, BRAC University and Jahangirnagar University in Bangladesh. He was also a Visiting Research Professor at University of Tokyo, Japan and Visiting Faculty at Jawaharlal Nehru University, India and University of Dhaka. He has publications in reputed journals such as Economica, Economics Letters, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Health Economics, Applied Economics, Plos  One, Environmental Science and Technology and Tropical Medicine & International Health.  Currently, he is a Visiting Scholar to the JICA Research Institute, Tokyo and Visiting Fellow to the Department of Government, University of Essex, UK.          

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Area of Specialization


Selected Publications
  1. Foreign Aid, Foreign Policy, and Domestic Government Legitimacy:  Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh (with Simone Dietrich & Matthew Winters), Journal of Politics, University of Chicago Press, forthcoming
  2. Trust, Trust Games and Stated Trust: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh (with Olof Johansson- Stenman and Peter Martinsson), 2013, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Elsevier, 95 pp. 286-298
  3. Explaining Low Sustained Use of Point-of-Use Water Treatment Technology: Evidence from a Follow-up of a Randomized Controlled Trial in Bangladesh (with N Najnin, S Arman, J Abedin, L Unicomb, D Levine, K Leder, F Yeasmin, J Luoto, J Albert and S Luby), Tropical Medicine and International Health, 2015, John Wiley & Sons.
  4. Learning to Dislike Safe Water Products: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effects of Direct and Peer Experience on Willingness to Pay (with J. Luoto,  J. Albert, S. Luby, N. Najnin, L. Unicomb and D. Levine), 2012, Environmental Science and Technology 46 (11), pp 6244–6251
  5. Saving lives versus life years in rural Bangladesh: An Ethical Preferences Approach (with Olof Johansson-Stenman and Peter Martinsson), 2011, Health Economics, Wiley InterScience, 20(6), June.
  6. What Point-of-Use Water Treatment Products do Consumers Use? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial among the Urban Poor in Bangladesh (with J. Luoto, N. Najnin, J. Albert, S. Islam, S. Luby, L. Unicomb and D. Levine), 2011, PLoS ONE 6(10)
  7. Trust and Religion: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh (with Olof Johansson-Stenman and Peter Martinsson), 2009, Economica, Blackwell Publishing, 76(3):462-485, July.
  8. On the Contingent Valuation of Mortality Risk Reductions in Developing Countries, 2009, Applied Economics, Taylor and Francis Journals, 41(2):171-181, January.
  9. Does Stake Size Matter in Trust Games? (with Olof Johansson-Stenman and Peter. Martinsson), 2005 Economics Letters, Elsevier, 88(3):  365-369, September.

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