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Agriculture and Rural Development Division(ARDD)

The Agriculture and Rural Development Division (ARDD) deals with issues related to agriculture, natural resources management, and rural development. Agriculture is defined broadly to include crops, livestock, forestry, and fisheries subsectors. Much of the environmental and climate change research also falls under the purview of this Division. Recent research of ARDD includes work on poverty monitoring, evaluation of microcredit, employment and labor market issues, agricultural land issues and the role of tenancy market, environment and climate change related issues, and rural energy situation in Bangladesh.

Division Chief:

Dr. Mohammad Yunus, Research Director

Other Members of the Division:

Dr. Mohammad Mainul Hoque, Research Fellow

Dr. Azreen Karim, Research Fellow

Dr. Jinnat Ara, Research Fellow

Dr. Taznoore Samina Khanam, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Mohammad Riaz Uddin, Research Associate

Kashfi Rayan, Research Associate

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