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Industry and Physical Infrastructure Division (IPID)

All research related to manufacturing activities including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), micro enterprises, rural industries, and infrastructure are carried out in the Industry and Physical Infrastructure Division (IPID). Recent research includes regional trade regimes and industrialization, industrial and technological competitiveness, rehabilitation of sick industries, issues related to labor productivity and post-MFA fall outs, decent work in the industrial sector, and globalization. 

Division Chief:

Dr. Kazi Iqbal  Research Director

 Other Members of the Division:

Dr Nazneen Ahmed, Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Badrunessa Ahmed, Research Fellow

Mrs. Mitali Parvin, Research Associate

Md Atiqur Rahman, Research Associate

Ms Rizwana Islam, Research Associate

Md. Nahid Ferdous Pabon, Research Associate

Mahir A. Rahman, Research Associate

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