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Municipal Finance in Non-Metropolitan Towns: An Agenda for Policy Action, October, 1998

Author/s: M. Asaduzzaman Number: 159 (Price: Tk.60.00; US$10.00) Download  

A Study of the Informal Sector in Bangladesh, October, 1998

Author/s: Md. Abul Quasem, Abdul Hye Mondal and Simeen Mahmud Number: 158 (Price: Tk.60.00; US$10.00) Download  

Depreciation of Forest Resources in Bangladesh, May, 1998

Author/s: Fahmida Akhter Khatun Number: 157 (Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00) Download  

Trends in Financing Social Sector Development in Bangladesh, March, 1998

Author/s: Chowdhury Anwaruzzaman Number: 156* (Price: Tk.50.00; US$8.00) Download  

Potential Indirect Impacts of Flooding on Health- Evidence from Macro-Level Data on the Incidence of Diseases in Bangladesh, December, 1997

Author/s: K.M. Nabiul Islam Number: 155 (Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00) Download  

Land Ownership, Education and Reproductive Behaviour in Bangladesh- Conceptual Issues and Evidence, November, 1997

Author/s: Mohammad Sohail Number: 154 (Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00) Download  

Upward Occupational Mobility Among Female Workers in the Garment Industry of Bangladesh, October, 1997

Author/s: Pratima Paul-Majumder and Sharifa Begum Number: 153 (Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00) Download  

The Role of Perception, Warning and Human Factors in Flood Losses: A Case Study of Bangladesh Households, March, 1997

Author/s: K.M. Nabiul Islam Number: 152 (Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00) Download  

Export-Growth Link in LDCs – A Case Study of Bangladesh, March, 1997

Author/s: Narayan Chandra Nath Number: 151 (Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00) Download  

The Socio-Economic Condition of Pavement Dwellers of Dhaka City,January, 1997 (Reprint)

Author/s: Anwara Begum Number: 150 (Price: Tk.80.00; US$10.00) Download  

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