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Income Diversification in Rural Bangladesh, October, 1996

Author/s: M.A. Quasem Number: 149 (Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00) Download  

Balance of Payment Constraint on Growth and External Competitiveness of Bangladesh Economy, September 1996

Author/s: Narayan Chandra Nath Number: 148 (Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00) Download  

State and Determinants of Poverty- An Empirical Analysis at Household Level, July 1996

Author/s: Narayan Chandra Nath Number: 147 (Price: Tk.50.00; US$5.00) Download  

Linkages and Flood Impacts at Macro Level— A Case Study of Bangladesh, August 1996

Author/s: K.M. Nabiul Islam Number: 146 (Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00) Download  

Basic Educational Achievement in Rural Bangladesh: Level, Pattern and Socio-Economic Determinants , November 1997

Author/s: Mahmudul Alam Number: 145 (Price: Tk.25.00; US$5.00) Download  

Socio-economic Impact of Manual Irrigation Pump (MIP) Agriculture in Bangladesh, October 1997

Author/s: Mahmudul Alam Number: 144 (Price: Tk.50.00; US$8.00) Download  

Impact of Credit for Rural Poor : An Evaluation of Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation's Credit Programme, April 1996

Author/s: Rushidan Islam Rahman Number: 143 (Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00) Download  

An Assessment of Industrial Policy in Bangladesh: What Policies are We Talking About? February 1996

Author/s: Salma Chaudhuri Zohir Number: 142 (Price: Tk.50.00; US$5.00) Download  

​Maternal Factors Affecting Child Care, April 1999

Author/s: PratimaPaul-Majumder Number: 141 (Price: Tk.40.00; US$5.00) Download  

​The Social Impact of DTWs on Landless Owners, May 1995

Author/s: K.A.S. Murshid Number: 140 (Price: Tk.25.00; US$5.00) Download  

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