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​The Economic Performance of Denationalised Industries in Bangladesh: The Case of the Jute and Cotton Textile Industries, June 199

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan & Syed Akhter Mahmood Number: 129 (Price: Tk.35.00; US$5.00)(Price: Tk.27.00; US$5.00) Download  

​Market Structure, Mark-up Theories and Industrial Pricing: The Case of Urea Fertilizer Industry in Bangladesh, October 1990

Author/s: Hye Mondal Number: 128 (Price: Tk.27.00; US$5.00) Download  

​Women and Employment in Bangladesh, December 1990

Author/s: Simeen Mahmud & Shamim Hamid Number: 127* Download  

Rural Informal Financial Markets in Bangladesh: An Overview, December 1990

Author/s: K.A.S. Murshid & Atiq Rahman Number: 126* Download  

Slow Response of Trade and Industry to Import Policy Changes, March 1991

Author/s: Raisul Awal Mahmood, Sultan Hafeez Rahman & Mohammad Nazmul Hasan Number: 125 (Price: Tk.30.00; US$5.00) Download  

The Development of the Private Sector in Bangladesh:A Review of the Evolution and Outcome of the State Policy, December 1990

Author/s: Rehman Sobhan Number: 124* Download  

Rural Employment Generation in Bangladesh: A Regional Perspective, December 1990

Author/s: Atiq Rahman and Dilip Kumar Roy Number: 123* Download  

Estimating Income and Price Elasticities of Imports and Exports of Bangladesh, December 1990

Author/s: Forhad Jahan Shilpi Number: 122 (Price: Tk.22.00; US$5.00) Download  

Consumption Demand for Fish in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis with Cross Sectional Data, July 1990

Author/s: Sultan Hafeez Rahman & Dilip Kumar Roy Number: 121* (Price: Tk.22.00; US$5.00) Download  

The External Economy of Bangladesh: Trends, Structure and the Terms of Trade, July 1990

Author/s: Sultan Hafeez Rahman Number: 120* Download  

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