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Date: 16 March, 2020

Attended PCC Meeting
সকল বভিাগীয় প্রধান ও সনিয়ির রসর্িাচ ফলেোদরে সাথে সভা
(দশেরে সমসাময়কি র্অথনতৈকি র্কমকান্ড ও র্অথনীতরি একটি চত্রি উপস্থাপন প্রসঙ্গ)

Date: 11 March, 2020

পরিকল্পনা মন্ত্রণালয় সম্পকির্ত স্থায়ী কমিটির ৭ম সভা
Attended Courtesy Meeting with
Mr. Sharif Ahmed M.P M.P
Hon’ble State Minister Ministry of Housing & Public Works

Date: 09 March, 2020

Attended PCC Meeting
Attended Courtesy Meeting with
Mr. Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun, MP
Hon'ble Minister, Ministry of Industries

Date: 08 March, 2020

Attended Benevolent Fund’s Meeting

Date: 05 March, 2020

Special Guest of East-West University’s Research Fair

Date: 02 March, 2020

Attended Discussion Meeting on BIDS Critical Conversations-2020 and
Attended PCC Meeting

Date: 01 March, 2020

Chaired UPL Book Launching Event

Date: 27 February,2020

Attended the 3rd International Art Festival Nilphamari

Date: 26 February,2020

Attended the 5th Meeting of Recruitment committee of IPF

Date: 25 February,2020

Chaired REF study completion seminar on “Social Conditions of the Innovative Use of Smartphone”

Date: 24 February,2020

Attended PCC Meeting

Date: 20 February,2020

Chaired BIDS Internal Seminar on “Monthly Gas Usage by Metered & Non-metered Single and Double Burner Domestic Gas Consumers”.

Date: 18 February,2020

Attended Staff Development Committee’s Meeting

Date: 17 February,2020

 Attended PCC Meeting
Chaired the Annual Performance Agreement (APA) Meeting
Attended the Search Committee Meeting for Bangladesh Bank Deputy Governor

Date: 9 February,2020

Attended the Website Committee Meeting

Inaugurated BIDS Book Stall at "Ekushe Boi-mela"

Date: 3 February,2020

Attended PCC Meeting

Meeting with three-member Integra consultant team from USAID (Members- Mr. Paul Dodds, Senior Agricultural Policy Expert; Ms. Pin Thanesnant, Project Manager/Agriculture Specialist and Sardar Md. Salahuddin, Agricultural Policy Expert)

Date: 2 February,2020

Attended SANEM Conference at  BRAC Center Inn

Date: 30 January, 2020

Chaired BDS Editorial Committee’s Meeting 

Date: 29 January, 2020

Panelist at BDF Working Session Four

Date: 28 January, 2020

Attended Standing Committee’s Meeting

Date: 27 January, 2020

Attended PCC Meeting

Date: 7-8 November, 2019

Attended “GReCEST Annual Conference 2019” in Beijing, China

Date: 29 October, 2019

Brainstorming on curriculum of BIDS Master in Development Economics course

Date: 28 October, 2019

Review of admin issues in BIDS with Admin team

Date: 27 October, 2019

Special Guest, IFPRI book launch ('The Making of the Blue Revolution in Bangladesh")

Date: 22 October, 2019

Attended Special R&P meeting to discuss BIDS Research Almanac 2019

Date: 13 October, 2019

Interview with Prothom Alo and Business Standard

Date: 13 October, 2019

Attended meeting with representative from GSF on NIPN-related progress

Date: 25-27 September, 2019

-attended the “12th South Asian Economic Summit” held in Colombo, Sri Lanka  and chaired the session on “4th Industrial Revolution on Agriculture”. 

Date: 12 September, 2019

Interviewed by "The Daily Business Standard"

Date: 8 September, 2019

Chaired "Session on Social Networks and Local Service Delivery" by South Asia Policy Network,  World Bank and SANEM

Date: 7 September, 2019

Was a Discussant on " Bangladeshe Kromobordhoman Ay Boishommo: Shamadhan Kon Pothe?" at  Bangladesh Economic Association Conference

Date: 5 September, 2019

Chaired internal seminar on " Evaluation of SME Foundation" by Dr. Monzur Hussain et al

Date: 3 September, 2019

Chaired internal seminar on  " Why do Bangladeshi Cattle Yield High Returns" by Kazi Ali Toufique et al

Date: 2 September, 2019

Attended 9th Institute of Public Finance Bangladesh (IPF) Executive Committee Meeting

Date: 29 August, 2019

Attended BIDS and The Bonik Barta annual event titled "Gunijon Shangbardhona- 2019"

Date: 28 August, 2019

Presided over the consultation meeting with Channel I at BIDS

Date: 27 August, 2019

Chaired the seminar titled “Poverty Dynamics and Banking: A Microeconometric Analysis” by Dr. Arya Pillai, University College Dublin at BIDS.

Date: 22 August, 2019

Meeting with Dr. Channing Arndt, Director, Environment and Production Technology Division, IFPRI and Dr. Shahidur Rashid, Director, South Asia, IFPRI 

Date: 8 August, 2019

Meeting of the Board of Trustees, BIDS.

Date: 6 August, 2019

Monthly meeting at Ministry with Honorable Planning Minister.

Date: 4 August, 2019

Viva-voce examination for recruitment of Publication Officer.

Date: 25 July, 2019

Nutrition Policy Mapping Workshop organised by Hellen Keller and BIDS, Lake Castle, Gulshan.

Date: 22 July, 2019

Monetary Policy Review meeting with Economists organised by the Bangladesh Bank, Sonargaon Hotel.

Date: 18 July, 2019

Dinner meeting to introduce new Chief Economist of the World Bank in South Asia, Sonargaon Hotel.

Date: 16 June, 2019

Budget analysis published in the daily star 

Date: 30 May, 2019

Interviewed by Nagorik TV and Deepto TV on budget 2019-20

Date: 29 May, 2019

1. Met with representatives from WFP; Mr. Dipayan Bhattacharya, Deputy Country Director, Dr. Din Ara Wahid, Head, VAM and Ms. Arifeen Akter, Program Policy Officer, VAM to discuss progress of research of WFP-funded study on Rohingyas.

2. Chaired internal seminar on 'Household Disaster Preparedness Behaviour' - a proposed study by Dr. Azreen Karim.

Date: 27 and 28 May, 2019

Interviews by electronic media including NTV, Ekattor TV, Independent, Shomoy TV

Topics: Budget, rice price slump, rice exports

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