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Technical workshop on urbanization titled "Getting Urbanization Right in Bangladesh"

Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) organized a technical workshop on urbanization titled “Getting Urbanization Right in Bangladesh” in collaboration with the World Bank on March 3, 2022 in the BIDS conference room. Dr. Forhad Shilpi, Senior Economist, the World Bank and Dr. Alejandro Molnar, Economist, the World Bank presented their key findings on this topic in this workshop. Dr. Mohammad Yunus, Senior Research Fellow, BIDS was the designated discussant in this workshop. The workshop was held in a hybrid mode.

In this workshop, Dr. Shilpi and Dr. Molnar showed how the congestion in Dhaka city has increased over the years and how climate change could have impacted in the future with this existing state of urbanization. The speakers mentioned that as the people from the country’s vulnerable southern areas are migrating to the northern parts due to the climate change; the pattern of urbanization in the north should be given proper concentration. Also, to increase the productivity of the city, there is a need to increase the capacity of the service providers as well as to improve market connectivity, transportation, housing etc. It has been discussed that a proper urbanization policy is needed to help deal with the challenges of urbanization by ensuring a uniform distribution of economic and social opportunities.

This workshop was attended by BIDS researchers, eminent economists of the country, policy makers, civil society, media and the wider community. Dr. Binayak Sen, Director General of BIDS chaired this event. 

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