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​Drivers of Agricultural Growth in Bangladesh (DAGB)

This study aims to conduct research on the key drivers of change in global, regional, and national food, land, and water systems, considering various factors such as technology, demographics, climate change, investments, and policy reforms. The study involves two main components.

1) Agri-Food System Growth Decomposition: This component involves a quantitative decomposition of the drivers of economic and employment growth within Bangladesh's agri-food system and its broader national economy. This analysis uses data from Social Accounting Matrices (SAMs) and CGIAR-IFPRI Foresight and Metrics initiative's agri-food system GDP and employment metrics. The preliminary agri-food system analysis is compiled by CGIAR-IFPRI, ensuring feedback, written comments, and review by BIDS.

2) Agricultural Growth Analysis: This component delves into an in-depth analysis of the drivers of growth within Bangladesh's primary agricultural sector. 

This analysis addresses three key questions: 

i) What has driven agricultural growth in the past decade? 

ii) What are the opportunities and constraints for future agricultural growth? 

iii) What steps are being taken by the government to ensure that agricultural growth is resilient to climate change? 

To that end, the analysis explores factors such as land area expansion, productivity gains, resource reallocation, technology adoption, farming practices, rural infrastructure, demand and supply trends, policy influence, and climate resilience. BIDS leads this analysis with inputs from the CGIAR-IFPRI team.

Research Team:

Dr. Mohammad Yunus (Team Leader), Dr. M. A. Sattar Mandal, Dr. Azreen Karim, Dr. Taznoore Samina Khanam, and Rizwana Islam

Timeline: 1st June, 2023 to 31st March, 2024.

Sponsor: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington D.C.

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