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State Of The Handloom Industry Of Bangladesh

The objective of the present study has been to look into the existing status of the handloom industry of Bangladesh in reference to the past and formulate a hypothesis on the future standing. In order to understand the industry, such aspects as the trends in size of the industry, technology of handloom weaving, and organizational structure have been examined.

The study has been based on secondary materials drawn from desk review of available published and unpublished documents, and primary information gathered from field visits in the important handloom concentration areas, and also some selective areas producing artistically designed dedicate fabrics. 

During the field work we visited many handloom units and observed their looms and accessories, and weaving and pre-weaving processes. We had focus group discussions with such stakeholders as weavers, traders and local elites to make out their perception and reality of the past, present and the future prospects of the handloom industry. 


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