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Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs: Bangladesh Perspective 2017

This study mainly aimed at exploring the present status of women entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises. The study was initiated with a number of objectives, which mainly mingle around the goal of understanding the sources of success of women entrepreneurs in the SMEs, socio-cultural and legal barriers faced by women to become entrepreneurs and find out ways to improve the opportunities in the SME sector so that more women may become entrepreneurs. Detail analysis has been provided in different chapters above, from which the following insights could be derived regarding the women entrepreneurs of SMEs in Bangladesh. The discussion in this chapter is based on both the sample survey of 1510 entrepreneurs as well as 6 FGDs at divisional level and KIIs. In addition, the study conducted case studies of the 7 successful women entrepreneurs from different sectors. The questionnaire survey was administered in all divisions, covering 45 districts, including the 34 districts covered in the 2009 study.  As has been mentioned above, all these were conducted in 2017 following scientifically acceptable methodology.


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