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Labor Market Study for Skills (LMS- SEIP) – Core Team & Components 1,2,4,5

Furniture is a rising industry in Bangladesh, as domestic and foreign demand has increased in recent decades as a result of official and corporate use of furniture. Furthermore, domestic consumers' purchasing power has expanded as a result of economic expansion. The rapid growth of this industry is driven by the rising demand for furniture from both domestic and international markets. The limited labour supply and shortage of skilled personnel, however, make it difficult to realize the full potential of this sector. To overcome this hurdle, the productivity of the labour force must be improved through effective education and skill development in order for the country's future progress to be achievable. This necessitates a thorough analysis of demand and supply, as well as the current state of the skill, in formulating a strategy for skill development over the medium and long term. This study explains the future labour supply-demand gap, as well as the training required in the number of employed people to achieve higher growth in this industry, as well as demand and supply projections for 2035. It provides estimates of training targets to be considered under SEIP.

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