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Feasibility study for new projects of DYD

The labour market for the youth had drawn immense interest among the policy makers in recent years. This was mainly because of the growing cross-country literature towards the contribution of human capital dividends on economic growth. Interestingly, the nexus among human capital dividend-productivity-economic growth is found to reveal mixed evidences towards its contribution on economic growth based upon age group in the cross-country context that has got profound policy implications. However, debates are there regarding the advantages of youth population dividends and its timeline, the relationship among education, age structure, skills formation and their interlinkages with the development goals. In this line of discussion, the analysis of stages of economic growth has become extremely valid to identify the strategies regarding collective corrective measures to advocate the effects of demographic changes on development. This has further been triggered by the on-going international preparedness debates on the 4th phase of the industrial revolution (4IR).

Study Team: Dr. Azreen Karim (Study Director), Dr. Binayak Sen, Rizwana Islam, Tanveer Mahmood, Mahir. A. Rahman.

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