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Impact Assessment of Upazila Fiscal facility Funded Projects

Study Team: Dr. Monzur Hossain (Team Leader), Mr. Moogdho Mim Mahzab

The study was conducted to assess the short-term impact of schemes implemented under the Upazila Fiscal Facility program under the Upazila Governance Project, implemented by the Local Government Division, LGRD Ministry. The facility has been extended to 14 project upazilas starting from 2013. On average each Upazila receives Tk. 50 lac per year to undertake locally demand driven schemes. A detailed guideline for utilization of UFF funds has been developed. A total of 224 schemes have been implemented in the last two years across various sectors.  For the analysis, this study has randomly chosen 45 schemes across all sectors from all project Upazilas. To compare the results, it also collected information from some similar ADP projects. 


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