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Stylized Facts of the Statistical Properties of Risk and Return of the Dhaka Stock Exchange: 1991-2015

While the role of financial market, particularly the stock market, in promoting economic growth through efficient allocation of capital is well recognized, the investors of the developing economies have little knowledge about the return and risk of the markets they operate in. Even in the...

Uploaded Date : 2019-07-07

An evaluation of bscic industrial estates

The evaluation of BSCIC estates covers various aspects of an estate that needs to be considered, such as plot allocation and utilization, occupancy rate, estate turnover ratio, estate management, estate revenue generation, firm performance etc. A total of 10389 plots was developed in 74 estates,...

Uploaded Date : 2019-05-29

An Analysis of the Link between Education and the First Demographic Dividend of Bangladesh

The demographic dividend results from the increasing share of working age population to total population. This phenomenon is referred to as the “First Demographic Dividend.” The same window of opportunity is assumed to be closed after a few decades, with the introduction of a “second”...

Uploaded Date : 2019-03-28

South-South Ideas: Report on the Potential for Monitoring and Evaluation of Special Economic Zones in Bangladesh (2019)

This research report is the result of a scoping visit to Bangladesh in August 2018 within the context of the early stage of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) programme for special economic zones (SEZs) of the Institute of New Structural Economics (INSE) at Peking University, China. It is the...

Uploaded Date : 2019-03-28

Impact Assessment of South Asia WASH Results Programme (SAWRP): 2014-2018

The South Asia WASH Results Programme (SAWRP) refers to the work undertaken by the consortium in delivering improvements in access to and use of WASH facilities. SAWRP has been working to improve water, sanitation and hygiene outcomes in Bangladesh since 2014. The objective was to promote and...

Uploaded Date : 2019-03-28

Gender Differentiated Impacts of Kerosene Subsidy Reform in Bangladesh

The report examines from a gender perspective the impact of subsidies and reform to kerosene in Bangladesh. The research was based around two overall research questions: “How do existing kerosene or LPG subsidy policies affect the welfare, productivity and empowerment of women and girls in...

Uploaded Date : 2019-03-21

Crop Diversification for Dietary Diversity and Nutrients Intake: Evidence from Bangladeshi Farm Households

Using two rounds of nationally representative Bangladesh Integrated Household Survey (BIHS- 2011-12, 2015) data and a panel data model, we aim to explore the linkages, if any, among household crop diversification, household dietary diversity and per capita nutrients intake of households. Over the...

Uploaded Date : 2019-02-17

Tracer Study of Graduates of Universities in Bangladesh"

“Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP),” the flagship project of the Ministry of Education, works with the aim to improve the quality of teaching and learning of the tertiary education institutions of the country. The students of these institutes are supposed to be the ultimate...

Uploaded Date : 2019-01-10

Final Round Satisfaction Survey of Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project"

Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) aims to improve the quality of teaching-learning and research capabilities of the tertiary education institutions of the country. Of the five components of the project, Academic Innovation Fund (AIF), first of its kind in the country, is...

Uploaded Date : 2019-01-10

Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs: Bangladesh Perspective 2017

This study mainly aimed at exploring the present status of women entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises. The study was initiated with a number of objectives, which mainly mingle around the goal of understanding the sources of success of women entrepreneurs in the SMEs, socio-cultural and...

Uploaded Date : 2019-01-02

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