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Fuel wood consumption in four districts of bangladesh

According to World Bank’s Global Tracking Framework of 2017 and WHO factsheet 2016, around three billion people rely on wood or other biomass for cooking and heating, resulting in indoor and outdoor air pollution that causes about 4.3 million deaths each year. More than 50% of premature deaths...

Uploaded Date : 2018-02-28

Workplace Injuries in Manufacturing and Service Sectors in Bangladesh

Workplace injury in Bangladesh is perceived to be high, but the issue has received less attention though workers in Bangladesh are well protected against workplace related accidents, and injuries through Bangladesh Labour Act (BLA), 2006 and Bangladesh Labour (Amendment) Act, 2013. The Labour...

Uploaded Date : 2018-01-25

Performance Assessment of The Pilot Program of Shishu Bikash Kendra

Childhood is a time when children should be allowed to grow and develop to their full potential: healthy children in school and at play, growing strong and confident with the love and encouragement of their family and an extended community of caring adults, gradually taking on the responsibilities...

Uploaded Date : 2017-12-24

An Inclusive Approach to Care of the Elderly in Bangladesh

The care for the elderly is now quite entrenched in most developed countries, with varying intensity; it was both more intensive and extensive in coverage in the earlier socialist countries, and is also now more prevalent in countries with more socialistic spirits such as the eastern European and...

Uploaded Date : 2017-12-14

Study on Injury and Occupational Disease in the Leather Sector of Bangladesh

Workplace injury in Bangladesh is perceived to be high, but the issue has received inadequate attention. It is necessary to create a broad consensus among government, employers and workers organizations on the need for a National Employment Injury Protection and Rehabilitation (NEIPR) scheme. The...

Uploaded Date : 2017-12-12

Preparation of formulation assignment for the new project on 'SDG implementation and monitoring'

SDG implementation and monitoring requires an efficient roll-out plan involving several key sequential steps irrespective of a country’s context. The government of Bangladesh, particularly the GED has followed these steps religiously and has made a long stride toward creating an enabling...

Uploaded Date : 2017-12-12

Impact Evaluation Of The 1st Phase Of 'Swapno'

Strengthening Women’s Ability for Productive New Opportunities, also known as SWAPNO is a typical public works based ‘graduation model’ targeting only the distressed and vulnerable rural women. Since it is a so called ‘graduation model’, it not only aims at lifting the poor out of poverty...

Uploaded Date : 2017-10-11

An assessment on coverage of basic social services in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, in pursuit of its own development trajectory and commitment to fulfill the SDGs, continuously invests in social services projects including health, nutrition, education and child protection. The success of these interventions depends on effective coverage of the targeted beneficiaries....

Uploaded Date : 2017-09-21

Burden of Disease on the Urban Poor: A Study of Morbidity and Utilization of Healthcare among Slum Dwellers in Dhaka City

Bangladesh, as the rest of the developing world, is urbanizing rapidly; around one-third of the country’s population comprising 50 million people, live in urban areas. In recent years, urban population is growing at an increasing rate in Bangladesh (at an annual rate of between five to six...

Uploaded Date : 2017-08-27

Impact of Natural Barrier on Competitiveness of Selected Bangladeshi Exportable Agricultural Products in the International Market

The research is planned to estimate the export potential of selected agricultural exportable products (fruits/vegetables) by estimating protection and competitiveness of these products in the international market. While doing so it will differ from the existing literature by estimating and...

Uploaded Date : 2017-08-21

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