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Traditional Society in South-Eastern Nigeria: Implications for Women's Health


Property in Igbo traditional land and culture refers to wealth in the forms of houses, lands, money/cash, fruit trees and animals. These are transferred from the father to his children at the man's death. Property inherited from the family usually forms part of a person's wealth in Nigeria. However, in Anambra, Igbo, women are not allowed to inherit property either from their father or their husbands. Under this arrangement, a woman is seen as an inheritable property and, therefore, not expected to own properties. The paper examines the practice of women as inheritable property of the Anambra, Igbo; analyses how these practices have impacted women's health; and ascertains whether there have been changes in these practices. The paper concludes that women as inheritable property impoverishes women and constitutes a barrier to women attaining their full potentials in Igboland, which has serious implications for their health.

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